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I am simply at peace. Why? Because I've 'MoneyWorks4Me' by my side!
I believe their 'worthy' investment opportunities are exceptional & rare to find. And once you 'buy-in' it is even more exhausting to monitor them. Thanks to committed 'MW4Me' for helping me make right decisions; I recently renewed my subscription.
For me there are 'only' two expectations while investing a) safety of principal & b) satisfactory returns. 'MW4Me' exceeded both of my expectations. Literally, my money works for me!

Chaitanya Salvi
IT Software, Pune

I found your method and presentation very useful and user friendly.I observe that most of the common retail investors have no detailed and technical knowledge about the company.They have no time for regular track and also to analyze the company and the market. Various brokerage firm analysts,TV channels advise confuse them.In this context your service is remarkable and it will certainly help to small investors.

Ajay Deshmukh

"Moneyworks4me is the real deal for investors. They bring relevant facts for the vacillating investor and make it easy to take decisions that are safe and in the interest of the investor. Subscription to this site is pure value for money proposition."

Lubna Huq
Business, New Delhi

It gives a great advantage and more confidence for Indian retail investor for investing, where technic the idea is father of investing as Benjamin and warren buffet formulae easy to understand the parameter which are no more complicating and the ratios giving with color code RoE, RoCE & Value Index enough to grasp the stock value, intrinsic value and margin of safety. Great Job

Ubaid K
Business, Kannur

It was very pleasing to see each of your webinar's. The quality and do many important data's are being shared. I feel really privileged to be your subscriber. Loads of thanks for it. keep continuing the good work.

Jey Kumar
Business, Chennai

The stock shastra is an eye opener and will prevent the gambling habit in the stock market. It also helps in thinking aginst the crowds mentality.

Bharat Reddy

I am just a student pursuing bcom(honours) 2nd year. stock market, shares,bonds were a fascination for me and I wanted to learn the concept of invessting in stocks. I was not interested in getting hooked into books for learning the concepts. moneyworks for me is such a wonderful website. The most interesting part is the E-Learning videos excellent job!! If i have to invest i wil get into this website for sure.thanks for videos. keep up the good work!!




Your articles were awesome and mind blowing.Seriously I am in love with your articles.Thanks for doing investor awareness so that each one of us make money in stock market.

Harshit Pandey

You are the only market website who follows the Buffet's ideology. Hence i have preferred you the most.

Lambodar Borah
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Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Watch Capt. A M Ajinkya's review of MoneyWorks4me.com on Stock Shastra 1st Anniversary

Customer Experience
Watch Kaustubh Phanse -
A paid subscriber review of MoneyWorks4me.com on Stock Shastra 1st Anniversary

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