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Small Cap Stocks

Small Caps are a set of companies with market capitalisation less than Rs. 5,000 Cr. These are small-sized emerging companies, and a few are likely to grow on to become Mid Cap or Large Cap companies. However, their survival rate is very low, and quite a few tend to go bust in an economic down-cycle. Because of the high volatility of Small Caps, we recommend you to consult a Fiduciary Investment Advisor before investing in them. Bookmark this page for your easy reference in future.

Small Cap Mutual Funds List

Company Name

Industry Name

Market cap
(Rs. Cr.)
Market cap (Cr.)

Net Sales
(Rs. Cr.)
Net Sales (Cr.)
Current Price
(Change %)
CMP(Change %)

52 Week
High / Low
52 Week (H/L)

Latest P/E

Latest P/BV

Right Stock?
Zuari Global Ltd. Trading 288
Small Cap
97.95 (0.00%) 178/84
7.16 0.16
Zylog Systems Ltd. IT - Software 4
Small Cap
0.70 (0.00%) 2/1
- -
335 Next Last
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