What makes our customers love MoneyWorks4Me?

In the frenzied world of financial investing the fiduciary services of MW4me was like a breath of fresh air with it's lucid presentation and approach after having tried number crunching, value investing and technical analysis by self and driven crazy by it. Mw4me gives me some confidence to put my neck in the line based on the sound advice given to me around the time tested methodologies/concepts by the research team.The confidence comes from seeing the concepts of MRP,DP,Margin of Safety,Waiting Alert,Coffee Can put into practice in my portfolio. Special mention for Aliya Sayyed for her knowledge and Mukta Vaze for managing the I.T. In the future would like investments in areas of 1) TECHNICALLY the tool to be more savvy & accurate 2) Provide holistic financial advice i.e great to see Financial Planning included 3) Include other assests for investors with higher appetite of risk 4) Identify MultiBaggers at an early/inception stage for wealth creation. Overall Mw4me is a good asset created by it's founders,many congratulations to them.Hope Mw4me creates immense VALUE for all,for the PRICE all involved are putting into it, not to mention the many friends have already referred. Will leave ourselves with a Zig Ziglar for some motivation 'You don't have to be great to START,but you have to start to be GREAT'.

Shubhodip Chakravarty

Very happy to have renewed my subscription with MW4Me again. Very good analysis and reports. Keep up the good work and provide more personalised reports.

Rajarshi Mandal

I am the subscriber for more than 10 years and the fundamental recommendations of their's are reliable and one can safely follow the same.

Vijaysri Lakshmanan

I am a subscriber for the last few years. I am happy about the service they provide. Happy that they focus on safety of our funds. Also the support on portfolio analysis and Qand A recently started.

George Mathew

MW4ME provides useful stock information on Buy / Sell.

Panbarasan Vedachalam

The analysis done is good indeed. Valuations made are OK.

R K Srivastava

After subscribing to moneyworks4me, I stopped worrying about my stock portfolio, stopped investing blindly in stocks, and started thinking about regular savings and long term investments. I am thankful to the team of moneyworks4me, especially Mr. Rupesh who listened to me patiently, answered my crude queries, cleared a lot of doubts about investments and helped me come out of a gambling mindset because of that I would have sleepless nights. Being with them I not only have a good stock portfolio but have a good opportunity as well to learn the investments.

Himanshu Soni

I am customer of moneyworks4me about 2yrs.His service is fine.His recommendtion is good & got right time.

Naval Kishore Singh

It is the only website in india which guide you about the in and out of stock Market. The stock Shastra Manuals are of great inportance to understand Market and Sectors.

Pankaj Kumar Goel
New Delhi

Good for long term investment perspective. Very good customer service.

Kunal Bhatia
New Delhi