Chapter 1: Empty your Cup or Why the heck should I read this book?

1.3 To move all the way from Avoiding Poverty to Financial Freedom

What is your mindset about money, how you relate to it? Most say money is a means to an end. What end are we talking about? Do you have clarity on this? What is Financial Freedom and why should that be your goal for investing? 
I read this decades ago, I think it was in Tony Robbins’s book. He said following a strategy to avoid poverty is not going to make you rich. I think it’s brilliant. So many people are busy doing things to survive for so long that even after they have solved this problem they continue to think and live as it any moment they will be hit by poverty. It damages their ability to all out aspire for bigger things. This is poverty or scarcity consciousness. 
If you grew up in India in the 60s-70s-80s you know exactly what I am talking about. The whole country was gripped with this scarcity mindset. It was a bloody epidemic that spared virtually no one. Yes, there were few rebels who were immune to this and they were gripped with get-rich-quick virus; but most of them are behind bars or in the UK. 
But there was one good thing that came out of this epidemic and that was a...........Read More

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