Chapter 2: Goal or What the heck is Financial Freedom in my case, exactly?

2.3 Make your Bucket List before you kick the bucket

Do you know what all you want to have and do in your lifetime? Is it just a vague idea or is it something more definite? How real is this in your mind, because that’s what decides whether it will happen or will instant gratification take over? Have you taken the first step to making it happen?
There are so many things to choose from that most people don’t know what they want in their life, want to own, to experience, before they die- kick the bucket. It’s like walking into a huge shopping mall without a clue of why you are there and what you want to buy and then we know what happens. When you leave the mall, you have a huge bill to pay on your credit card, loads of things you don’t have the place to keep nor the time to use; you’ve eaten some junk food, had some drinks and you can’t remember where you parked your car. In life the only difference is it fucking doesn’t matter where you parked the car because when you are done shopping you are departing in an ambulance if you are lucky.  
We don’t want this to happen to us. So, we need to do a really simple thing. Make a shopping list. Since this is your ultimate shopping list before you kick the bucket, it’s called the Bucket List. 
In this chapter you will be making your Bucket List. Relax, this list is first and foremost for yourself and you don’t need anyone’s approval for what you put on it. If you are planning to do this like a couple thing, I suggest you both make a list individually first and find a way to combine it. Planning for it happens latter.  
Now, find a quiet place to read this chapter and make your list. 
Core Bucket List: Doing these things will make me feel good about myself. This contains all the things that we hold ourselves accountable for-the stuff we accept comes with the roles we play in...........Read More

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