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5 How-do-you questions that Impact your Portfolio, a lot!

5 How-do-you questions that Impact your Portfolio, a lot!

Do you have answers to these 5 How-do-you questions?  If you don’t, it is not too late, get it right with MoneyWorks4me

1) How do you know what is the right asset allocation for you?

Ajay holds 70% in Equity and 30% in Liquid.   Vijay: 90% in Equity and 10% in Liquid.  Ramesh currently holds 50-50. All claim they have an Aggressive risk profile. They feel they are right. If everybody is right, then who is wrong?

How do we address this? We use a world-class risk profiling tool to identify your profile. This is very important as it determines your Core Allocation to Equity and Debt. However, most people don’t take this seriously. And if they do, they don’t realise that you ensure core allocation only when the market is near fair value. When the markets are well beyond fair value you need to reduce your exposure to equity and not go as per the core allocation. But how do you assess the market level? We have a proven valuation tool called Nifty@MRP which tells us whether the market is over or under-valued and by how much. So when you approach us we advise you the right asset allocation based on your risk profile and the market level.

2) How do you know by how much you should increase Equity if market corrects?

During demonetization, market corrected close to 7%, Ajay thought it is fully undervalued and increased Equity up to 90%, Vijay 100% and Ramesh 70%. Yes market present opportunities, but always there are risks. How do you decide how much more risk you should take to exploit an opportunity?

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