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Stock Shastra #45: Consumer Durables Sector – Continuing its upward stride

You’re getting bored – You turn on your Videocon television. The summer heat is irritating you – your Blue Star AC rescues you. Not having enough time to cook food, luckily TTK Prestige recently came out with an all new microwave pressure cooker. Our growing dependence on consumer durables is something that cannot be measured. This sector, directly linked to consumption expenditure, witnessed a slowdown during the economic recession, but came back with a bang, with the top players posting impressive growth.

Thus, for a sector that has made our lives so convenient, understanding it become a must. More so because as an investor, you can find many fundamentally sound and investment-worthy companies within this sector.

So, how does the Consumer Durables Sector work? Also get a glimpse of the top players in this industry and find out whether they are worth investing in.

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