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Presenting to you Sensex@MRP

We are sure most of you must have read our earlier blogs on Sensex@MRP. Sensex@MRP can help you get great returns and at the same time minimise your risk because it gives you a stable benchmark driven by earnings. As we told you, ‘Outlook Profit’ had featured a Profit Special story titled “THE RIGHT PRICE” on this concept in their latest issue. We are sure most of you must have got your hands on it!  But for those of you who missed it or for those who want to read it again and again (we know, it is that Great!), here it is! article featured in Outlook Profit

Disclaimer: In the table titled ‘Big Bang for small bucks’

  • The MRP of Wipro is given as Rs. 770. Post Wipro’s bonus of 2:3, the adjusted MRP for Wipro is now Rs. 474. As a result, the stock has an upside of around 13%
  • The EPS growth rate of Bharti Airtel is given as 19%. It is actually 18%