Investment Shastra

Company Shastra – Bilcare Ltd.

Bilcare Ltd. is an innovation-led company, operating in two major business segments viz. Pharma Packaging Innovations (PPI) and Global Clinical Supplies (GCS). It caters to the pharmaceuticals industry, domestically and globally. The company has highly successful, patented products like Patina and Ultra Duplex and technologies like Optima™ and Brandpak™. Its latest innovation is nonClonable™ Security Technologies (NST) – a technology to contain counterfeiting of drugs, which can revolutionise the Pharma packaging market. With a large focus on research and development, Bilcare has been granted 9 patents till now and has filed over 136 patent applications worldwide. These patents are a moat (a sustainable competitive advantage) for the company.

  • What will its moat of patents for its innovative products do for its future?
  • At its current price, what should be your investment decision?


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