Investment Shastra

Company Shastra: Jain Irrigation Ltd.

Jain Irrigation is India’s leading agri-business companies and pioneer of micro irrigation systems. It is the 2nd largest manufacturer of micro irrigation systems (MIS) globally and the leader in India. This segment involves the usage of efficient water systems that help conserve water by almost 40%. Recently, in Sept’10, Global Clean Tech along with Guardian News and Media ranked Jain Irrigation amongst ‘the 100 most promising green technology companies on the planet’.
Taking a look at its financials, it can be said that the company has been robust with its growth over a 10 year period. But, in the June’10 quarter, the company’s profits fell by 6%.
a)    So, what lies in store for the company in the next few quarters?
b)    And what will make this ‘Green Pioneer’ prosper in future?


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