Investment Shastra

Why have we created Stock Shastra?

Our mission at MoneyWorks4me is to create a large community of prosperous investors who would benefit from our sensible way of investing and would enrich the process with their participation and contribution. Educating & Enthusing people to invest in the stocks the “sensible” way thus is the first step towards building such a community.

Stock Shastra is an educational initiative by to  ensure retail investors gain from the India story. So that individuals learn to invest in stocks directly, the sensible way. So that Profits from  stocks are not  the monopoly of  just a few.

Shastra in Sanskrit means – knowledge based on principles that are held to be timeless.

We follow such principles in many walks of life, but few of us do so when we invest in stocks.

The reality is that creating wealth from stock investing is not just a possibility, but a certainty, if we follow the timeless principles of Stock Investing – the Stock Shastras. These principles have been proven beyond doubt by the most successful investors, worldwide.

Through this space, we will share with you the timeless principles of stock investing and also help you apply these. This knowledge will guide you throughout your investing journey and empower you to be a Sensible Investor.

We will provide powerful content in the form of Weekly Newsletters, Articles, Blog Carnivals, E-Books, Interesting Videos and much more.

We are not a trading portal. We are not bears. We are not bulls. We are not in the market to push up some stocks or pull down some because we have taken a position in them. We have no vested interests! We are biased in favour of the retail investor



  • Very good principle sir. I happen to come across your website when I searched Google about picking stocks in India. I have visited hundereds of sites who sell tips for a price without any accountability ( as they think that giving stop loss absolves them of any losses that a retail investor may make ). I am surprised that there are people who care for the retail investor. I am yet to navigate your site fully but I was overwhelmed by your gesture of educating and empowering retail investors. KUDOS to your team.
    thanks. keep up the good work.

  • Thanks a lot for your was launched with the objective of enabling retail investors to take the right stock investing decisions. To be successful at stock investing, it is essential to have the right methodology that allows you to buy fundamentally strong companies at the right prices. And Stock Shastra is an educational initiative to help retail investors understand this methodology and allows you to implement it.
    Do visit our website and let us know what you think.