Looking for answers to these questions to ensure success in stock-investing?

  • Which are the best stocks to invest in today, in a particular sector, industry, index or theme?
  • How to build your portfolio with the best opportunities available today and in the near future?
  • How to manage your portfolio for higher returns?
  • How do you prevent emotions from driving your decisions?
  • How do you do all this in the shortest possible time?

MoneyWorks4Me Alpha

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Equip yourself with a complete system to build and manage a stock portfolio systematically and successfully.

Take decision based on data and avoid being driven by emotions and making costly mistakes


Alpha how

Use a Fully Integrated Intelligent System to

  • Build your portfolio by finding the best stocks to invest in….with amazing ease from our Screener powered with DeciZen Filters
    • DeciZen rates stocks on Quality, Valuation and Price Trend to help you decide on investing in a stock at current price See How
  • Invest right away using Transact Now and auto-update your portfolio or add to watchlist.
  • SmartAlerts : Get alerts on stocks in your Watchlist and Portfolio when ratings change.


Why settle for less when you can get a complete solution at an unbelievable price

MoneyWorks4Me Alpha

Most Suitable for Do-it-Yourself(DIY) stock investors

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What you get when you subscribe to Alpha?

Better stock investing Decision
  • DeciZen: Make Informed Decision on any of the listed 3500+ stocks
  • Company 10 Year X-Rays: See the most important details that support the decision
    • Summary of Financial Track Record
    • Financial Track Record Details
    • Latest Financials
    • Valuation Ratios & Price Chart
  • Stock Screener with SmartFilter and SmartAlerts:  Screen stocks using DeciZen Filters to find the best opportunities with ease and get timely alerts
  • WatchList: Track shortlisted potential winners and get alerts
  • Portfolio Manager: To manage your portfolio better
  • Transact Now: Act on decisions with ease and auto-update Portfolio
  • InvestmentShastra: Get 500+ educational and informational blogs


If you are interested in stock investing, you want to have control of how and in what your money is invested. That’s why Do-it-yourself, DIY investing is what most people do and stock picking is predominant way of investing. It’s unlikely that you will follow the recommendations even if it is given by experts without picking and choosing stocks from it.

While this is inevitable it exposes you to risk of your emotions influencing your decisions. Add to this, problems of inadequate knowledge and time and information overload can easily lead to failure or mediocre results. Then what is the way to invest in stocks and succeed big?

DIY stock investors want to and will make choices and take decisions. A ‘Systematic’ way of making investing decisions is therefore critical for success. This leads to conviction in what you are investing in which enables you to stay invested through market and economy ups and downs and enjoying the benefits of big success thanks to compounding. This is the foundation of all our work at MoneyWorks4Me.

Systematic means methodical, orderly, organized and efficient. Its root is System which means a way of working, organizing, or doing something which follows a set of rules. So, a systematic way of making investing decisions means you follow a set of rules to take your decisions.

The most important rules are about how you answer the following questions:
  1. Which stocks are worth investing in and which ones to avoid?
  2. Is the current price of a stock attractive for a long-term investment?
  3. Is the current price of a stock you own over-valued and unattractive to hold on to?
  4. Should you act now or wait?
So, if you can state the process you follow to answer the above question you have a Systematic way of making investing decisions. Congrats. If not, read on!

Alpha provides you with the set of rules to answers the above 4 questions that govern success in stock investing and a ‘system’ to ensure you can implement them with ease.

Alpha is powered by MoneyWorks4Me DeciZen which rates stocks on Quality, Valuation and Price Trend to help you identify quality stocks worth investing in, know when they are under or fair-valued and whether they have the price momentum or strength that may take the prices higher or not. It is strongly recommended that you understand why DeciZen is the ONE Thing that can ensure your success in stock investing. Learn more about DeciZen

Alpha also provides you with a ‘system’ that ensures you can actually invest systemically in stocks and succeed. A ‘System’ as defined by engineers is collection of parts and sub-assemblies that work in an integrated manner to achieve a common goal. This enables you to build and manage your stock portfolio successfully and with ease.

Alpha’s system enables you to:

  1. Find the best stocks to invest in and start building your portfolio right away
  2. Benefit from new opportunities in your chosen universe or set of stocks without having to set alerts
  3. Sell stocks from your portfolio that may not deliver good returns in the future
  4. Manage the risk in your portfolio better

Alpha through the MoneyWorks4me Screener with smart DeciZen Filters enables you to find the best stocks to invest in on a real time basis. You can choose from any Index, Sector, Industry, Theme and Market Cap and start build a well-diversified portfolio right away. Using a pre-defined filter, you can find Very Good quality stocks which are under or fair-valued at the current price and also with Strong or Semi-strong Price Trend in your chosen universe that are best to invest in today. But that not all, you are actually all set to benefit from new opportunities as they happen. Read how?

When new stocks qualify to your preferred screener you get automatically informed. No need to set alerts etc. How cool is that? For example, you decide to invest only in Nifty 50 stocks. You select and save the Best From Nifty 50 Pre-defined screen. When you start you get the best stocks to invest in today; say 10 stocks which are Very Good quality, Under or Fair Valued with different rating on Price Trend. Now after some time 2 new stocks qualify and enter the list of Best From Nifty 50. You will be informed about this opportunity through an email/on-site. Thus, in the 12 months of your Alpha subscription you will benefit from all the new opportunities as they happen. And you don’t need to set any alerts just save this screen.

Alpha generates smart alerts for stocks in your portfolio when the ratings change. This enables you to buy more if required when a stock move to Under-valued and Price Trend is strong. Or sell, partly or fully when the stock moves to Over-valued and the Price Trend is Weak. By selling over-valued stocks and buying under-valued good quality stocks you can enhance the returns earned.

It’s very easy. You can execute your decision using Transact Now on Moneyworks4me. You will be taken to your broking account and order executed seamlessly after which your portfolio will be auto-updated on the MoneyWorks4Me Portfolio Manager. This is possible because the smallcase gateway with the most popular brokers APIs is integrated with MoneyWorks4Me.

As a subscriber of Alpha you get the portfolio analysis on a real time basis. You can see the stock-related risks and portfolio-related risk that you are carrying and make changes to manage risk better and have a well-diversified portfolio.


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