How Pro helps a beginner to build a successful equity portfolio.

  • 1
    Direct investment in Stocks
    For greater control, flexibility and enhanced
    returns. Add 10 strong companies with
    attractive upside potential.
  • 2
    Invest Lumpsum in Best Funds
    To reduce risk through diversification and
    enhance returns. Unique selection criteria
    based on strong portfolio, consistent
    performance and attractive upside potential.
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    SIP in Funds the Sahi Way
    Invest monthly savings in select funds with
    diverse styles of investing (Value, Quality,
    Momentum, Small-cap etc.) to ensure
    portfolio growth under different market situations.

Manage your Equity Portfolio like a Pro

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    Know what you invest in
    See easy-to-understand 10-year Stock X-RAY, Fund Reports and Analyst Notes to understand the rationale for recommendations. Use guides, blogs and videos to become a savvy investor
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    Rotate stocks only when required
    With PRO you stay process-oriented and research-driven and rotate stocks only when required. Benefit from new opportunities and exit less attractive ones.
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    Simple to Execute
    See everything in one place, take decisions and then execute. Stocks transactions and portfolio updating now easy with smallcase gateway (8 brokers are covered) available on our site.

How it works

How it works

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Proof of Performance

Disclaimer: The Proof of Performance seen here is based on the recommendations for stocks only, and
includes all stocks covered by MoneyWorks4me.
Our focus is on delivering absolute CAGR returns over the long term while managing risk at a level that ensures clients stay invested and benefits from it.
What does this mean? What does this mean?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Invest only those funds that are available for atleast 3 years and more. Our expected holding period will be average 3 years for stocks and mutual funds.
It is upto you whether you want all stocks or all Mutual funds. We recommend splitting savings equally between stocks and mutual funds for those who haven’t made a choice
We will recommend atleast 10 stocks and atleast 2 schemes for mutual funds.
We recommend splitting equally between recommended stocks. If you’re investing Rs. 5 Lakhs, and there are 10 recommendations, invest Rs. 50K in each stock.
We will help you split your investment amount and quantity for easy transaction. We have integrated our website with broker's. You can choose and place order on respective broker site. Later add the transaction in our portfolio manager
As of now we do not have interface to buy funds directly. You can choose to buy funds from respective AMC website or your broker.
Yes. Up to 5 Lac You can select all stocks in BUY and on next screen enter fresh amount you wish to invest. We will distribute it for you so that you can execute on your broker's website. Once your portfolio exceed 5 L and you feel to be comfortable Investing in Stocks, you may upgrade to Superstars solution.
After our SELL call, you can select the stock in SELL and press Sell Now tab to place order. Here you need to enter your exact quantity from portfolio manager. We will place the order on broker's website on your behalf.
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