Invest successfully in Stocks

Superstars helps you take better stock investing decisions . You get 3 things right- Right Stock, Right Price and Right Allocation
` 12,999/year*
(Plus 18% GST)
You Get
Analysis, valuation & allocation of 150 Large cap and quality Mid & Small cap stocks +15 stocks extra
Buy & Sell SMS/Email Alerts
Detailed Analyst Notes
At just Rs 102 per company/year
` 9,499/year*
(Plus 18% GST)
You Get
Analysis, valuation & allocation for 100 Large cap and quality Mid cap stocks +8 stocks extra
Buy & Sell SMS/Email Alerts
Detailed Analyst Notes
At just Rs 112 per company/year
` 5,999/year*
(Plus 18% GST)
You Get
Analysis, valuation & allocation for Nifty 50 stocks
+7 stocks extra
Buy & Sell SMS/Email Alerts
Detailed Analyst Notes
At just Rs 141 per company/year
If you are not delighted post purchase, just let us know within 7 days and we'll promptly process your refund.
Refund will be done on a good faith basis and only once in a customer's lifetime.

Build a wealth-creating portfolio of Stocks and Mutual Funds

Omega is a complete portfolio advisory solution.
Earn a healthy-high risk adjusted returns on your portfolio thru' Smart Asset Allocation and selection of right stocks and mutual funds.

What benefits do you get?

  • Customized and Tech-assisted Fiduciary Advice
  • Higher risk-adjusted returns through unique processes for
    1. Smart Asset Allocation
    2. Direct investment in 200+ stocks
    3. Investment in Mutual/Index Funds (Direct Plans)
  • Transparent Research & Portfolio Analysis real time
  • Interaction with our Equity Analyst
  • You control

Comparison of Superstar & Omega

Features Superstar Omega
Assets covered Direct Stocks Multi-Asset*
Risk profiling No Yes
Asset Allocation No Yes
Customized Advice No Yes
Investment Strategies Single Multiple
Portfolio Building  Yes Yes
Portfolio Monitoring No Yes
Portfolio Rebalancing  No Yes
Reshuffling of Assets Partly Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes
Personal handholding  No Yes
Review with Equity Analyst No Yes for >25 lacs
Analyst Notes Yes Yes
Alerts Yes Yes
Recommended for
Investable Surplus Less than 15 lacs Greater than 15 lacs
Experience in Investing Med/High Low/High
User Preference Do-it-Yourself

DIY or Do-it-Yourself Investors want to and feel comfortable about doing investing by themselves.

They take responsibility for taking their investing decisions and its outcome. They invest a fair amount of time doing this.


DIWM or Do-It-With-Me investors are not comfortable with either getting deeply involved in investing decisions or leaving it all to other, even experts.

They want well-processed information, easy-to-use tools, a framework and a process that makes decision-making systematic and predictable.

They want to interact and have a collaborative relationship with their Investment Advisor.

*Direct Stocks, Equity MF, Index Funds, Liquid Funds & Gold
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About is India's 1st Technology-assisted Multi-asset Fiduciary Portfolio Advisory. We started in 2008 with the mission to make 'wealth-creation thru' investing' safe and simple for Retail Investors—make it easy for customers to manage a large portion of their Investable Surplus through our solutions as one portfolio, just like family offices/UHNIs. We are SEBI registered—No. INH000000719... know more
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