SEBI registered: Investment Adviser - INA000013323
SEBI registered: Investment Adviser - INA000013323
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SIP in funds based on past returns is incorrect & inadequate. Buying regular plans is expensive. All this leads to medicore returns.
  • Power 1. Diversify across Process - Value, Momentum, Quality & Size ensures the benefits of right diversification.
    One of the biggest advantages of investing in mutual funds is diversification. Diversification reduces risk. Investing in a fund enables you to invest in multiple stocks - this is one level of diversification. However this is not adequate. Outperformance of a fund is due to a Process-method of selection of stocks with similar characteristics. A fund manager tends to have a natural inclination/expertise for a particular Process. Every Process works well in a certain market situation but not in others.
    MoneyWorks4me SmartSIP recommends funds with 4 different Processes that lead to outperformance:
    1. Momentum - has worked best in rising markets
    2. Value/Dividend - in flat or falling markets
    3. Quality - in tough/bad economic conditions
    4. Size - in good times.
    When you do a monthly SIP over a long period of time you need to diversify across these Processes. This ensures you have the right diversification in your portfolio-so at least one fund is working well helping you to stay invested which is critical for success in investing. Over longer term, 10-15 years, all of the above processes beat the market. Hence, it is prudent to invest in all the key processes and hold them for over 10-15 years without worrying about a certain process going out of fashion for short term. So with SmartSIP you get the Power of Diversification across Process.
  • Power 2. 'Andar-se-Strong' Funds ensures every fund has a Good Portfolio + Consistent Performance to ride through tough times.
    Best/Highest past returns as a selection criterion can be very risky and misleading. We stress-test funds on:
    1. Portfolio Quality
    2. Consistent Performance (Rolling returns).
    Funds that pass our stress test have the necessary strength i.e. they are ‘andar se strong’ to ride through the tough times and also recover fast. This method ensures funds with risky stocks in their portfolio and inconsistent returns performance are never recommended. They are also likely to perform better than others when the markets favour their Process. So with SmartSIP you get the Power of 'andar-se-strong' Funds.
  • Power 3. Low Cost - Direct Plans Only + Small Fee - ensures better returns for you.
    Regular Plans are very expensive on the investor pocket. But few realise it until the math is explained to them.
    If you invested in 10,000 per month for 20 years in Regular Plans you will earn Rs 99.9 lacs(returns assumed 12%) versus Rs 1.15 crores in Direct Plan (returns assumed 13%) i.e an additional Rs 14.6 lacs. Even after reducing the effect of fees you would pay for getting the investment advice the difference will be more than Rs 10 lacs.
    The difference is even higher for higher SIP amounts. A low cost ensures higher returns for you.
    With SmartSIP you get the Power of Low Cost.
  • Power 4. Zero-conflict Advice – No commissions etc from AMC assures you that we work for you only.
    Things are always changing and hence the fill-it-and-forget-it passive way of SIP investing does not work. Nor does reacting to every change. So you need advice you can trust-advice that is from a zero-conflict-of-interest advisor. MoneyWorks4me has been fiduciary (no conflict of interest) research and advice provider for 10 years now. So when we ask you to make changes (stop, switch and sell) in your SIP portfolio you can rest assured it is in your interest, 100%. With SmartSIP you get the Power of Zero-conflict Advice.


  • A set of 4 - 6 mutual funds to begin with, which are Diversified
    across Process - Invest in Funds Sahi for you Value | Momentum | Quality | Size

    which ensures the benefits of right Diversification.
  • Buy, Stop & Sell alerts with detailed Analyst Notes
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