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Get Mission Ready to Invest Successfully

Superstars 100 online-course
  • 1
    Your Personal Financial Plan
  • 2
    Your Risk Profile and Model Asset Allocation
  • 3
    Using the MoneyWorks4Me Platform
  • 4
    Know-how of how to invest in stocks and mutual funds
  • 5
    Build and Manage your Multi-asset Portfolio
  • 6
    Manage yourself better for success in investing
Superstars 100 Financial-planning
  • 1
    Your personal financial plan
  • 2
    Monthly investment required
  • 3
    Allocate current lumpsum saving to goals
  • 4
    Allocate to Debt & Equity
  • 5
    Make changes with ease
Superstars 100 Risk-profile
  • 1
    Know your Risk taking ability & Willingness to take risk
  • 2
    Know how much to allocate to Equity, Debt and Gold
  • 3
    Know what Investment Strategy will suit you
Superstars 100 portfolio-manager
  • 1
    Total and asset class-wise performance. See-through Stock Portfolio
  • 2
    See stock, equity mutual funds, debt and gold portfolios separately
  • 3
    Know which risk are present in your portfolio and manage it better
  • 4
    To keep only the necessary stocks in your portfolio
  • 5
    To know total and days gain, total realised, unrealised gain/loss

Build and Manage your Portfolio for Success

OMEGA - Portfolio Advisory Services Know more

Investable Surplus 

Most suitable for 25+ lacs portfolio. Talk to us if your portfolio is less than 25 lacs.

Advice on

1st Six months

(Portfolio Building & Alignment)


(Portfolio Management)

How much you pay in 3 years

( %)

( % of AUA)

( Estimated* % of original AUA)

( %)

( %)

( % of original AUA)

*Assuming 12% pa growth in AUA
Portfolio Building & Alignment is required
only once in the beginning.
Portfolio Building & Alignment fees are payable only once in the beginning and on the fresh money/portfolio added.
Portfolio Management fees is to be paid half-yearly 15 days before due date.
For Regular Plan it will be based on the AUA at the time of payment. For 3 Years plan it will be based on original AUA.
However, this is valid only when you continue the service without a break.
You will need to sign an agreement one for each of the services as required by SEBI's new IA regulations. This includes a refund clause which permits us to retain fees for up to one quarter in case the service is terminated and refund the balance if any.
Please note that this service is meant specifically for individual client for their personal portfolio and is not to be used for any commercial purposes including advising other, selling mutual funds etc.
Read Agreement >

A physical copy will be sent to you in tandem with your payment process.

Who is it for

Busy but involved investors with a sizeable surplus (>25 lakhs) who want a trusted investement advisor who can collaborate with them

What you get

  • "Smart Asset Allocation" to Equity & Debt based on your risk profile and market levels
  • Direct investment in quality stocks from the Top 200
  • Select Mutual/Index funds that complement your stock portfolio
  • Smart reshuffling for better opportunities based on established processes
  • Hand-holding to ensure you act with confidence

Why Omega

  • Align your existing portfolio to ensure it is future-ready
  • Build and manage a multi-asset portfolio spread across stocks, mutual/index funds, debt funds and gold to ensure returns while managing risk
  • Powered by our proprietary tech programmed to customize portfolio recommendations to ensure diversification and returns

Cancellation and refund policy

  • MoneyWorks4Me reserves the right to cancel your subscription to the Paid Service.
  • Refund - as per SEBI's new IA regulations