Build a wealth-creating portfolio —safely, simply & successfully, with Omega!

A zero-conflict Fiduciary Advisor, who provides an advice which is in your interest, and not colored by brokerage or distribution commissions

A Solution that is customised to your needs & profile—at all times

Advice that earns you high risk-adjusted returns on your entire Investible Surplus...and, not just on a small portion where you take bets hoping to earn very high returns

You have the Final Say in where your money is invested, and your involvement is encouraged

You need MoneyWorks4me Omega: India’s first Technology-assisted, Multi-asset Fiduciary Portfolio Advisory

Omega is MoneyWorks4me’s multi-asset portfolio advisory engine.

She has been programed with all our data, investing expertise, unique tools like stocks@MRP, NIFTY@MRP and buying-selling logic to make the right recommendations.

Omega starts with a core equity-debt allocation based on your risk-profile. Using MoneyWorks4me’s market-level assessment, Omega makes smart asset allocation among Direct stocks, Mutual Funds, Index Funds & Debt Funds. When the market moves into higher levels, Omega decreases the allocation to equity, thereby reducing the risk of draw-downs due to market-correction. Similarly, she increases allocation to equity when the market becomes attractive, to make the best out of the available opportunities.

Omega is built to be your Trusted Partner, but not the final Decision-maker. You take the final decisions and act on it. In case, you wish to not act on a certain buy or sell recommendation, you can do this by simply un-ticking the box next to it. Omega takes this into account, and makes a fresh recommendation.

Thus, Omega compares risk-adjusted returns across assets and recommends the best at every stage!

MoneyWorks4me Omega MoneyWorks4me Omega Demo


You do a world-class risk profiling online, FinaMetrica. It determines your asset allocation plan


You upload your existing Portfolio and/or add funds to Omega


Omega recommends actions to align your portfolio to give the best risk-adjusted returns


Omega compares risk-adjusted returns across assets and recommends rebalancing and reshuffling when required


You execute the recommended actions that you agree with. Track risks on the Portfolio Manager

Customers with 25+ lacs portfolio can discuss their portfolio with our Equity Analyst twice a year, and Customers with 50+lacs portfolio, once every quarter.
After subscribing, we will call to hand-hold you to use Omega
We have consistently outperformed the market! Proof of Performance