Reach all your financial goals...with Omega - a complete Investment solution

Omega is MoneyWorks4me's Technology-assisted, Fiduciary, Transparent, Multi-asset Portfolio Advisory solution.
Ensures you stay invested and earn healthy-high returns
Makes your money work harder for you.
  • Smart Asset Allocation to Equity (Stocks & Mutual Funds-Direct Plan) & Debt
  • Smart Reshuffling to better opportunities based on Process
  • Excellent Coverage: Top 200 stocks and All Equity Mutual Funds
Build your confidence to stay invested
  • Transparent Research & Real-time Portfolio Analysis
  • Hand-holding by our Investment Counsellor and Equity Analyst
  • You Control final decisions
How are we different than other Portfolio Advisories
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One-time Actions
1. Do a world-class risk profiling, FineMetrica
(Conservative? Moderate? Aggressive?)
2. Upload your exiting Portfolio. Select from your Portfolio what you want to manage under Omega. You may add cash too. (Conservative? Moderate? Aggressive?)

Actions based on Opportunities
Omega recommends actions to align your portfolio to
  • Ensure the correct allocations to Equity & Debt and
  • Retain the assets worth holding, & replace the rest with the opportunities that will give better risk-adjusted returns.

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