OCL India has temporarily shut down two kilns at Rajgangpur as the company has already exhausted the limit of limestone production at Lajiberna limestone and Dolomite mines to the extent of 1.7 million TPA during the year. The kilns have been stopped temporarily till receipt of TWP/Forest clearance.

Earlier, the company has received a letter dated December 27, 2011 from the office of the Deputy Director of Mines, Rourkela Circle, Rourkela (Odisha) in terms of which the company was required to limit its production of limestone at its Lanjiberna limestone and Dolomite mines to 1.7 million TPA, till the extension of TWP or approval under forest (C) Act, 1980 is obtained, instead of the enhanced production limit of 4.2 million TPA for which the MOEF, Government of India has already accorded Environmental Clearance.

However, the company has already represented its case before the commissioner-cum-secretary, Department of Steel and Mines, Government of Odisha, Bhubneswar for grant of permission to work in Non Forest Area only with production of 4.2 million TPA from 1.7 million TPA based on the Central Empower Committee (CEC) guidelines, pending renewal of Forest Clearance. Further, the company is expecting to get the requested permission soon.

OCL India is engaged in the manufacture of cement and refractories. The company is part of the J.D. Dalmia Group which also includes OCL Iron and Steel, Landmark Property Development Company, and Dalmia Cement (Bharat).

Company Name CMP
Ultratech Cement 7199.95
ACC 2610.30
Shree Cement 24401.20
Ambuja Cement 584.10
Dalmia Bharat 1845.90
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