MoneyWorks4Me Core 50 Superstars

The Key to a Investing in Stocks Successfully - A Strong Core Portfolio

A set of strong and stable stocks ensures your stocks portfolio delivers robust returns in times of economic growth, can withstand economic and market cycles and recover fast even from severe downturns.

Core Superstαrs

Build a Strong Core Portfolio with QaRP* Way of Investing


With Core Superstars you cover the 50 most robust stocks and invest in them at Reasonable Prices

Cutting-edge competitive advantages

Strong brands, deep distribution, switching cost, patents, low cost enables them maintain growth and profitability even in difficult conditions.

High stability and visibility of business

These businesses have people, processes, and systems in place to weather most challenges.

Stable & consistent returns that beat inflation

These companies are widely analyzed and attract large number of investors ensuring long term stock prices reflect company performance.

Fast recovery from downturn

They are the last to be impacted in times of economic downturns and first to recover as they have high bargaining power and robust management.

What & Why?

Anchor your decisions on MRP our Research-backed Intrinsic Value of the stock

Core stocks are very high quality, blue-chip company stocks and hence are expensive to very expensive. Basing your price-related decisions on valuation ratios, 52-week highs or lows, price patters, anything other than fundamental research is ineffective, even risky. We help you anchor your price decisions on the stock's MRP which assures us of paying a reasonable price and earning a healthy return.

The returns on the Core Portfolio built by buying at reasonable prices delivers an even high return.

What you will receive upon subscribing:

  • A list of the best stocks to buy.
  • Buy, hold, and sell recommendations on the top 50 stocks.
  • Equity analyst research reports on the top 50 stocks.
  • Analyst insights on quarterly result updates.
  • Access to unlimited screening and other premium tools.
  • Quality, valuation, and price trend analysis on over 3500 stocks.
  • A comprehensive portfolio review using our exclusive Portfolio Manager tool.
  • A Investment Counsellor to answer your questions via your preferred communication method.

MoneyWorks4Me's Core Superstars
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Best stocks to buy
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At MoneyWorks4Me, we have always acted as a fiduciary research and generate revenue solely through client fees. There are no additional, hidden costs, profit-sharing arrangements, or conflicts of interest in brokerage transactions. Our primary focus has always been on acquiring high-quality stocks at reasonable prices and holding them for medium to long-term gains.

Our approach has consistently delivered market-beating returns for our clients. A brief overview is as follows:

Rolling Performance

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