Investing successfully - a must to meet our future
responsibilities and fund our dreams

Investing - a 'too-important-to-fail' activity in our lives

Investing has to deliver


Successful Investing…Delivered

Why MoneyWorks4me?

Invested in values that work for you
Zero-conflict research and investment advisory for 12+ years. A business built from scratch that does not depend on brokerages and commissions
Extensively share our decision-enabling research, tools and archives with customers to build trust and conviction
Create unique methods and tools to make smarter investment decisions with ease
Cost Efficient
Are cost and tax efficient so that clients
retain bulk of their returns

How? Partnering you through Process, Platform & People

reach your goals reach your goals

Ensuring your investment portfolio earns inflation-beating returns for long, really long
Why You Need This?
Staying invested and earning good returns grows your money
into wealth through the power of compounding
Have you done the basics?
term insurence
Term Life and
Health Insurance
financial planning
Financial Planning
risk profiling
Risk Profiling and
Asset allocation
investor help
Do you have an Investment Advisor to help you?

Start Right

Invest Successfully in Stocks

Build Wealth with a Multi-asset Portfolio

investment counsler investment counsler
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Who we are

Raymond Moses
IIT Kanpur, Founder
Sreeram Thiagarajan
REC Trichy, IIM Ahmedabad, Co-founder
We never planned getting into this. Since 2000, we run a Business Consulting and Training company out of Pune. Thanks to a very bad experience of investing in MF and ULIPs using the services of an MNC bank in 2008, we decided on our mission to make wealth-creation thru' investing safe and simple for Retail Investors like us.
It turned out to be more difficult than, we imagined! Simple was not simple enough, and making equity-investing safe was like grappling with the ultimate paradox. Also, the market went from deep despair to irrational euphoria and continues to do so with some regularity.
We have used every opportunity to make our models more robust and suitable for investors. We added mutual funds, financial planning and multi-asset portfolio advisory services to extend what we could do for our clients. Now, with the 3Ps- Process, Platform and People working in an integrated manner we confidently promise our clients that we will partner you to invest successfully and reach your goals
Our Mission
Partner 1 million middle-class Indians to invest successfully and reach their goals

Purpose | Approach | Services

our purpose
Why - Our Purpose
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    Help you meet Financial Goals by
    making your money work hard for you
our approach
How - Our Approach
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    Ensure you stay invested
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    Focus on asset allocation
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    Make investment research transparent and verifiable at any time
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    Keep it simple

What - Our Services
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    Provide zero-conflict investment advice
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    Build a diversified portfolio of high
    quality assets
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    Use technology and human connection
    to nudge you

What Customers Say

Investing successfully to reach your goals

You must watch this 15 minute video if
  • You don't know your financial goals
  • You are wondering if this is really possible
  • You cannot see it happen with how you invest today
  • You invest too little in stocks and mutual funds
  • You don't have more than 15 minutes to understand how
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