What the book will enable you to do?

Achieve Financial Freedom-the tangible stuff

The right way to approach investing

Set goals that define your financial freedom

Create a Financial Plan to achieve it

Invest in stocks successfully

Invest in Mutual Funds the sahi way

Build and Manage your portfolio for success

Discard unproductive investing habits

Collaborate with your Investment Advisor

What the Book will inspire and enable you to do?

To achieve real Freedom - the stuff Nirvana is all about.

  • Discover the 'purpose' that gives your life meaning
  • Add 'Purpose-centered' goals to your Financial Plan
  • Develop a strong 'internal frame of reference'
  • Convert a possible mid-life crisis into an opportunity to live your life fully
How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana
  • Conquer the fear of failure on financial matters
    1. Make informed decisions using Process + System and trust it do deliver
    2. Embrace continuous improvement and achieve Mastery using PDCA
  • Collaborate with people who can be your coach-partner
  • Learn to live the credo 'The Journey is the Destination'

You will get straight-from-the-heart answers from me
based on my personal experience.

I have combined the Best of Investing, Personal and Business Transformation with a Healthy Sprinkle of Spiritual Wisdom to provide you a complete Guide to achieve financial freedom.

Achieve financial freedom

You will be able to successfully implement the answers you find in the book in the real world

We created MoneyWorks4me over 14+ years precisely for this. The book has chapters that work as a "user's manual", so you can use all the stuff we use immediately and effectively. I don't want you to waste any more time to do this.

However, you can apply all that you learn using alternate resources.

About Raymond Moses

Raymond Moses Founder MoneyWorks4Me

About Raymond Moses

Hi. I am Raymond the founder of Moneyworks4me. You can read more about me and my journey at below URL
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I am a Chemical Engineering graduate from IIT-Kanpur (1978-83). I have worked in HUL and Castrol for 14 years before starting The Alchemists Ark, TAA in 1997. TAA is into Business consulting, training and e-learning.

T Sreeram (REC-Trichy, IIM-A) is my Partner and Co-founder since 2001.

Why did I write this book?

I started Moneyworks4me in 2007-08 to make stock investing safe and simple for retail investors. I started from scratch and built it along with a team from first principles. We made mistakes and learnt along the way about how to make better investing decisions. Making it simple enough for users was and is a challenge. But we got there.

We can confidently say that whatever your preferred way of investing we can enable you to succeed.

But to enjoy the real benefits of investing e.g. financial freedom, requires something more. It requires in many ways a transformation of the way you think, feel and act. Investing successfully in the final analysis, depends a lot on investor behaviour. But that sounds like too much work and even scary. But, it need not be.

However, this change cannot happen by reading blogs, articles, seeing videos etc. we have tried all this without success. It requires you to read a book. A book that bring clarity about the entire journey-the inner and the outer journey to financial freedom. A book that you can implement in real life.

Once I decided that I had to write such a book, it almost happened on it own. Things from my personal experience - as an investor, entrepreneur, business consultant, personal transformation trainer and a voracious reader started to fall in place. It felt as if all that I had done so far prepared me to write such a book.

My dream "how-to" book is something that I can implement as I am reading it and by the time I finish reading it, I have a complete system to support me on the new way of working. So, that's how I have written this book. You will be able to implement everything you read using moneyworks4me.com. And I have included all the important how-to-do-it steps at the appropriate places. And the whole book is written as if I am talking to you and showing you how I do it. So it's complete and very easy to read.

And the good chemical engineer I am happy to say that everything I want to say on "How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana", I have distilled it into just 200 small pages.

Happy Reading

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