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You want to help your friends and relatives invest successfully but you don't…can't.


You see them struggle with investing. They don't have a sound way of ensuring they will meet their financial goals. They are making the same mistakes you have made and worse. You feel you must help them.

You know a lot on how to invest in stocks and mutual funds successfully. You have a reliable solution in MoneyWorks4Me and you know it's right for them. But convincing others requires too much to effort and there're risks involved. You worry that your friends could lose money despite your good intentions. And even if they don't blame you, you will end up feeling responsible and bad. So, you avoid the issue.

Now you can...Just refer your friends and professional network and
we will send them this book for FREE

  • Fill up the name, mobile number of the person you want to help invest successfully.
  • We will send them a copy of the book How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana, A 5-Step Journey to Financial Freedom () written by Raymond Moses FREE of cost delivered to their address with compliments from you and us.
  • We will call/message them to get their address, ensure they are excited to receive and read this book.

Why this will work? And how we can make it work?

  • The book is written to inspire and educate.
  • The tools to start doing this are available at the most reasonably priced plans:
    Alpha Plus ₹ 1,999/- and Core Superstars ₹ 3,999/-.
  • We will aid the process of learning, answering their queries, and encouraging them to act.
  • The combination of the book and their plan will ensure success. And we are there to help.
  • And you become our Partner in MoneyWorks4Me Mission Financial Freedom.

What is the MoneyWorks4Me Mission Financial Freedom?

The next decade or two will see India's consistent and robust economic growth. This will reflect in growth of companies. Investing successfully in equity is the best route for most Indians to participate in the wealth that will be created. Financial Freedom is a real possibility for millions as India grows.

MoneyWorks4Me is committed to converting this possibility into a reality; a goal that is achieved by millions of Indians. Through investing sensibly and staying invested in equity.

With you as Partners, we will achieve this mission the fastest.


    What do we offer you as a Partner?

  • We will ensure you find this partnership truly rewarding. That you can grow without limits as you contribute to making Mission Financial Freedom a reality.
  • We will share 15% of the first-year fees paid by your Referees.
  • And when you have helped 9 people invest successfully you become a Partner-for-life. That's because you have taken special action to make it happen. We will then share with you 15% of the first-year and 10% of all subsequent year fees (excluding GST) paid by your Referees.
  • This makes you and us real partners in MoneyWorks4Me Mission Financial Freedom.

Refer terms

The term of being a Partner in MoneyWorks4Me Mission Financial Freedom are as follows:

  1. You must be a subscriber of MoneyWorks4Me and continue to be one to avail referral benefits.
  2. Revenue sharing is based on fees paid, less GST. The prices of plans and promotions, as well as discounts, will be solely decided by MoneyWorks4Me.
  3. In case of any refund, revenue shared will be adjusted.
  4. Rewards will be updated on the site in real-time and settled on the 15th of every month, provided they exceed ₹5,000.
  5. Any tax payable will be your responsibility. TDS will be deducted as per IT rules, and TDS certificates will be available on a quarterly basis.
  6. You can use the rewards earned to upgrade and/or renew your plan or gift one. However, taxes will be applicable on the total rewards.
  7. Promotions, seminars, webinars, etc., aimed at enhancing the acquisition of new subscribers will be solely decided by MoneyWorks4Me. Any special event held for Partners will be agreed upon and confirmed in writing.
  8. All services will be offered by MoneyWorks4Me as per the plan described on the site. The Partner will not offer any investment advisory services whatsoever nor share their MoneyWorks4Me plan features with others.
  9. Being a Partner in MoneyWorks4Me Mission Financial Freedom program does not grant any rights to use MoneyWorks4Me brand and assets without written permission from the Management.
  10. Referral benefits are not applicable to the Monthly and Quarterly plans.
  11. A referral partner is not our employee and operates as an independent third party.
  12. Referral benefits are not applicable to company employees.

Referral Count

Registered Count

Subscribed Count

Total Earnings (₹)

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Omega Referrals - ₹50,00,000 excl. GST

Superstars 100 Multicap Referrals - ₹15,999 excl. GST

Alpha Stocks - Yearly Plan Referrals - ₹1,499 excl. GST

Estimated Earnings (₹)

Referral Amount - 15% (excl GST)
Alpha Plus (₹)
Superstar (₹)
Omega (₹)
*These are estimated values and may be change according to plans and fees.

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Hi ....,
I have realized that investing in equity is too important to leave it to others. That I can achieve financial freedom by ensuring I invest successfully. However, there are challenges to overcome and the biggest one is myself. How should I approach investing, what is a sound process to follow, do I have the right tools to make informed investing decisions? These are some very important questions that every investor needs to answer and then act upon.

I found this book How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana, A 5-Step Journey to financial Freedom written by Raymond Moses the Founder of MoneyWorks4Me immensely valuable.

I strongly recommend you read this book. Register on MoneyWorks4Me using this link And MoneyWorks4Me will send you a copy free delivered to your doorstep. They will call or message you to get your address.

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