#Benchmark Returns are calculated from the date of the particular Best Undervalued case.

FAQs - AlphaCases

Alpha-Stocks is an intelligent System that enables you to make informed stock-investing decisions. Alpha-Stocks help you build your portfolio with the best opportunities and manage it to earn high returns consistently.

To invest in the best opportunities you need a way to identify for each stock:
  1. Quality: Is the stock worth investing in, it is safe to invest in, is the company profitable, can it withstand economic and market cycles? Read more
  2. Valuation: Is the current price a fair and reasonable price to pay for the stock, are you likely to earn high, medium, or low returns at this price? Read more
  3. Price Trend: Should you consider acting now or are you better off waiting? Is it more likely that the prices will rise in the near term, remain flat or fall? Read more

Alpha-Stocks uses data-driven analysis and intelligence to answer these 3 questions. It color-codes each stock as Green, Orange or Red. So, every stock on MoneyWorks4me comes with the three tags on QVPT to enable you to make an informed decision.

Follow this Simple Rule: Invest mostly in Green Quality stocks, when the Valuation is Green or Orange. Buy when the Price Trend changes from Red to Orange and even Green if the stock is not overvalued. Sell when Stocks is fully overvalued and Price Trend changes from Green to Orange or Red. At all other times there is no need to take any action. To find the list of stocks that qualify simply use AlphaCases.

AlphaCases is an intelligent System available in Alpha-Stocks that provides you with a list of stocks that qualify as an opportunity based on its QVPT rating. There are 25 AlphaCases based on different Index, Sector and Themes. In each Alphacase you can select from 3 powerful investing strategies - Best Undervalued, Best Fairvalued and 5-Stars. All of them enable you to build your portfolio with the best opportunities available now and in the future.

You need to build a well-diversified portfolio with 25 to 30 stocks. Select an AlphaCases to build a portfolio of large Cap stocks of strong and resilient companies to ensure stable and steady growth and withstand market and economic cycles. This should be 50% to 70% of your equity portfolio. The rest you invest in AlphaCases that will help enhance your portfolio returns e.g. mid, small cap stocks or any sector and theme that you think has a bright future.

The All-Weather Stocks AlphaCase is designed for this purpose. It tracks the best resilient large cap stocks and you can build a strong and steadily compounding portfolio with stocks in this AlphaCase.

The system is designed to be easy to use and requires no prior investment experience. Start with the All-Weather Stocks AlphaCase. Read the Pocket Guide to Investing Successfully in Stocks and start. You will find many useful easy-to-use tools that help you make informed investing decisions.

Yes, AlphaCase works extremely well when you SIP. That's because every time you SIP you are investing in the set of stocks that pass the criteria on that day. This enables you to build your portfolio with the best quality stocks always bought at reasonable prices. This is a big advantage over buying an Index Fund, ETF or a Mutual Fund where you buy the entire portfolio, where some of the stocks are expensive.

You should refer to the Company 10-year X-Ray to see important financial and market related details. Read more to understand how to interpret the X-Ray.

You can see the performance of AlphaCases since its inception for the 3 variant investing Strategies in real time. You can also see how the relevant Benchmark Index has performed (starting date same as the Best Undervalued Strategy). AlphaCases has outperformed most of the time. For example Nifty50 has delivered negative 0.7, almost flat, between April 22 to April 23. AlphaCases 3 variants for Nifty50 have delivered 13%, 8% and 4%.

AlphaCases and AlphaStocks sets itself apart from other investing tools in several key ways:

Clear Process: It enables you to build and manage a stock portfolio of high-quality stocks bought at attractive price thereby generating high returns with low risk.

Data-Driven Transparent System: You get answers based on a proprietary, data-driven algorithm and you can see the key data that led to it in a transparent easy-to-understand manner.

Real time and Future-ready: AlphaCases monitors and analyses stocks in near real time ensuring that investors can make informed decisions with up-to-date information. You get alerts when rating change so you don't miss opportunities and taking action when required

Large access and Flexible: You have access to all AphaCases and choose what works for you. You can choose multiple AlphaCases to build your portfolio. In case only few opportunities are available in a particular one you can select an alternative.

User-Friendly Interface: AlphaCases is designed to be easy to use and accessible to investors of all levels of experience. The interface makes it easy for investors to make informed decisions at the level of portfolio and stocks.

Very attractively priced: AlphaCases is available at an amazingly low price making it accessible to a wider range of investors.

Overall, AlphaStocks with AlphaCases is intelligent, data-driven, easy-to-use, robust System that enables you to make informed decisions and invest successfully.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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