What Customers think about 10 YEAR X-RAY?

"The web site is giving excellent 10 Year X- Ray and your price calculator is just superb. I have found the web site very useful for a novice as well as an experienced investor. I congratulate your research team for developing such useful and easy to understand fundamental analysis tools for stock investing."
Dr. Ajmera Chandravadan
Doctor (M.B.B.S, F.C.G.P, M.C.C.P), MoneyWorks4me Annual Member,

"The 10 Year X-Ray at MoneyWorks4me.com is a great tool to identify whether the stock is worth investing. The Price Calculator is also very useful to know if the stock is overvalued or undervalued"....-
Tirumal Rao
MoneyWorks4me Annual Member,

"The 10 Year X-Ray gives a complete view of a company in a single snapshot. No more going through long P&L and balance sheets is required to identify good companies."
Steven Colaco
MoneyWorks4me Annual Member,

Manage your Portfolio effectively with our unique Portfolio Management Tools

Here's how to manage your portfolio of stocks effectively!

Manage your portfolio and maximise your returns in the most effective way with MoneyWorks4Me 'Portfolio Managers' :

  1. WatchList
  2. BoughtList
  3. EvaluatedList

1) WatchList

Gives you a bird's eye view of all the companies you want keep track of. You can set the trigger price and get price alerts when the price is reached - so that you don't have to be glued to the market. The WatchList also gives you the financial health of the companies you are tracking as a simple colour-code (if you have checked their 10 YEAR X-RAY), so that you make an informed decision with minimal effort..

Moreover, you may subscribe to view the right buy price of the stock, in your WatchList (derived from PRICE CALCULATOR). So that, decision making is at its best.


2) BoughtList

Helps you set trigger prices for both buying and selling - so that you can time your buy and sell decisions right, without constantly tracking the market. Here, you also get to view the financial health of the companies you have invested in, through a single snapshot with the help of our 10 YEAR X-RAY, so that you can make quick and effective decisions.

Moreover, you may subscribe to view the Right Buy/Sell prices of the stock in the BoughtList (derived from PRICE CALCULATOR) so that returns are maximized.


3) EvaluatedList

Helps you keep track of the companies that you evaluated using MoneyWorks4Me features. Here, you also get to view the Fundamental Strength, MRP and Discount Price of all the companies you have evaluated, through a single table, so that you can make quick and effective Portfolio-Management decisions.


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