Alpha MF

SIP successfully in Mutual Funds

SIP successfully in Equity Mutual Funds… like a Pro.
Use powerful tools that help you make informed decisions with amazing ease.

Why Alpha MF?


SIP in Regular or Direct Plans, investing successfully in mutual funds requires making informed decisions. Because in investing, ignorance is the biggest risk.

With Direct Plans you earn higher returns than Regular Plans, which compounded over the years and decades can make a very big difference.

With Alpha MF you are fully equipped with tools to invest in mutual funds like a Pro…even better. Don't believe it… check it out.

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Build a well-diversified portfolio with top-class funds

1. Select funds with different investing universes and strategies that together can deliver your expected returns while keeping risk at manageable levels.

Let the best opportunities find you

2. Identify Top-class funds in any category with ease on the Moneyworks4me Fund Screener using a unique rating system.


Invest in Mutual funds successfully

Already investing in Mutual Funds

Take the Sher-ya-Billi's test to find out if your portfolio is well-diversified and is likely to deliver great returns or will disappoint you

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Want to start investing in Mutual Funds

Build a portfolio of Equity Funds that will grow your money consistently over years to meet you future goals

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With Alpha MF you have the tools to invest successfully

Fund Rating

Take better decisions on any fund and compare with ease. See ratings on Quality of holding, Consistency of Performance, Upside Potential.

Fund Screener

Find the top-class funds with ease in any category using unique rating system.

Fund X-Ray

Build conviction. See unique decision enabling information with

  1. Decision Maker
  2. Fund Performance
  3. Portfolio Quality

Fund Portfolio Analyzer

Take the diagnostic test that helps you understand your fund(s) portfolio strengths and weaknesses better

Fund Diversification

Check how different is any fund's portfolio compared to yours before making a decision to invest.


Receive a portfolio of mutual funds meticulously selected by experts using our unique process tailored to your needs.

Invest in Direct Plans through StarMF

You pay zero distribution commission.

You earn 1 to 2% higher returns than Regular Plans on a CAGR basis. That's a lot

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MoneyWorks4Me Alpha MF

SIP successfully in Mutual Funds

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Upgrade to Alpha Plus to get the complete toolkit

Alpha MF + Alpha Stocks + Financial Planning Tool

1. Financial Planning Tool: To set goals and make a Plan to achieve them

Whatever you are looking forward to, just setting your goals can increase your chances of achieving it by 33%. And making a Financial Plan converts your dreams into reality

2. Alpha Stocks: To invest in stocks successfully

Alpha Stocks - answers the 3 essential question

1. Is it the Right Stocks? 2. Is it the Right Price? 3. Is it the Right Time? So you make informed Buy-Sell-Hold decisions and build a strong stock portfolio

With Alpha Plus you can put into action everything required to make the 5-Step journey to your Financial Freedom as explained in "How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana" by Raymond Moses-Founder.

MoneyWorks4Me Alpha Plus

Goals + Plans and Intelligent Data-driven Investing

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Also get the copy of "How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana". How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana - A book by Raymond moses *Free Book only with Yearly Subscription

Implement Investment Plan intelligently using Alpha Stocks and Alpha MF.

Whether you chose to invest in Stocks or SIP in Mutual Funds or Both you need the Right Tools to Invest Successfully and Reach your Goals.
You need Alpha Plus
The complete intelligent data-driven investing solution To Plan, Invest in Stocks and Mutual Funds, and Achieve your Goals

If you have a larger portfolio and you'd prefer to manage it with expert help; check out two alternate ways of working with us

Invest with guidance from our Equity Analysts

MoneyWorks4Me Superstαrs

Research-guided Investing

Guidance from Equity Research Analyst to invest with confidence and reach my goals

Expert insights and recommendations along with tools to make informed investing decisions

Work one-on-one with an Investment Advisor

MoneyWorks4me Omega

DIWM Collaborative Investing

Working closely with an Investment Advisor and receiving guidance at every step to ensure I reach my goals joyfully

Customized recommendations to build and manage my portfolio and an agreed Process+System to collaborate effectively

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