Why Pichipoo Raja love MoneyWorks4Me?

Customer Testimonials

My school friend recommended Moneyworks4me to me. I am a subscriber of Moneyworks4me for the past two years. I must admit, for the first few months I really felt I had paid for a service that is not good. Only with time, I learnt how to use their service. Thereafter the experience was great and is still going on great.

Things that I like about the company:

1. They are quite patient to handle all queries even when my questions were vague at times.
2. They helped me have my first ever financial plan in life. In fact, their analyst patiently spoke with me for 55 minutes on a single call. I am confident of its results.
3. Their actions are deliberate, scientific, well researched and not in haste or following the crowd.
4. They also help increase your knowledge.
5. Their most important quality- they admit when they make a mistake. Most advisers give reasons to justify even when they go wrong.

Certain things you need to know before you subscribe (Which I didn't when I signed up)

1. You should follow their advice in total. Their Buy calls include the Price and % allocation. You cannot ignore the Portfolio allocation aspect while investing in a share.
2. You should try to act on all calls. That caters for diversification. Not doing so increases your risk. Remember, even veteran investors like Jhujhunwala have stocks in their portfolio that deliver double digit negative returns. So if you ignore certain calls, it might happen that what you ignored fetched better returns than what you chose to act on.
3. You can ask them any query over phone. Rest assured, they would spend time and revert back to you. There are no instant half baked answers. Keep in mind, study takes time.
4. There is no one particular method to invest in equities. M4me superstars plan follows value investing (The type followed by Warren Buffet). There are other methods too. So decide on your requirement, portfolio size and choose a plan accordingly.

Overall a good set of people. The charges are cheaper than the Expense Ratio of any Mutual Fund. So I think I made a good decision in subscribing.

Pichipoo Raja
Government Service, Thoothukudi Tamil Nadu

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