What makes our customers love MoneyWorks4Me?

I like their concept of MRP to arrive at a fair value of a stock. I have benefitted a lot from their systematic valuation framework.

Mr Bala Subramanium

MoneyWorks4me has helped me not only in terms of returns but also becoming better as an investor in understanding businesses and markets.  One liner: Guiding retail investors since last 12 years.

Mr Manish Yadav

I upgraded from their PRO plan to Superstars plan because the discussions with their counsellor were very insightful in clearing my doubts. I would suggest anyone who wants to start their investment journey to join MoneyWorks4me.  Humble and Responsive team.

Mr Neelanjan Maiti

Their thought process, risk analysis and projectionswork really wonderful and match well with the process I have been following myself too for the last 25 years

Mr Jawahar

Continuity in key people and analysts leads to stable and consistent portfolio performance.
Captain Amol Ajinkya

Indeed, I was having zero knowledge about stock investing before subscribing to MoneyWorks4me. I invested as advised by them, and made decent profit on my investments for the last 9 years. Moreover I learnt the basic knowledge about safe investment both stocks and Mutual funds. I strongly recommend to consider Money works4me, with my past experience. Thanks

Subramonian Ganesan

I have been using the services of MoneyWorks4me for the past 10 years and have seen them evolve. One thing that they have been consistent about is not to time the market, which removes the stress out of investing. In the last few years their recommendations have been very profitable. They are conservative and don't encourage us to get carried away by price increases due to speculation- this is a good thing. All in all, i don't need to spend extra time researching and can trust them to do their job well. 

Arathi Vijay

One of the best fiduciary financial services in the industry. The quality of service provided has given me a lot more piece of mind forgetting the short term market sentiments prevailing around. Hope the same level of service would be rendered in the future. All the very best!

Pratap JR

I enjoy the process of investing as I am well informed about the companies I am investing in. This is because of their analyst notes which keep me informed. As I matter of fact, I enjoy the process more than the outcome!

Anand Sharma

My knowledge about the share has improved alot. Technicaly MW4me improved very much.  I am seeing they are constantly trying to improve their service to help and guide the investor.  When MW4me is growing we are also growing.  Best wishes for the hard working team behind MW4me.

Vidhyadhar Prabhu R

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