What makes our customers love MoneyWorks4me?

"Moneyworks4me is the real deal for investors. They bring relevant facts for the vacillating investor and make it easy to take decisions that are safe and in the interest of the investor. Subscription to this site is pure value for money proposition."

Lubna Huq
Business, New Delhi

It gives a great advantage and more confidence for Indian retail investor for investing, where technic the idea is father of investing as Benjamin and warren buffet formulae easy to understand the parameter which are no more complicating and the ratios giving with color code RoE, RoCE & Value Index enough to grasp the stock value, intrinsic value and margin of safety. Great Job

Ubaid K
Business, Kannur

The StockShastra is an eye opener and will prevent the gambling habit in the stock market. It also helps in thinking aginst the crowds mentality.

Bharat Reddy

You are the only market website who follows the Buffet's ideology. Hence i have preferred you the most.

Lambodar Borah

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Moneyworks4me , on this great initiative for investors and have already recommended to my friends.

Rahul Gavande

Would like to firstly thank Moneyworks4me team for providing such an in-depth research. It really has changed the way I look at my investments now.

Samip Shah

With help of your portal, 10 yrs X-ray and MRP valuations, I have been making potential upside above benchmark index. Some tell few things and some useful things about stocks and market, but u tell everything that is relevant in clear and concise manner. Thank you very much. Keep doing and improving your good work!

Dinesh Kumar Kunnathodi

Amazing Job done.I used to look for red check shirts and in a few months... I found them every where. I wanted a site which gives great screeners like you and specially in line with Graham's concepts... and here it is however its the only one. May be the power of subconscious mind is working. Thank you guys for doing the job so well.

Salil Gautam

Thanks for your unique and easy to use solution backed by in-depth & unbiased research .It helps a common investor like me to be at par with the experienced players in the market. Stock investing has become simple for me using your decision-maker which tells me exactly when to enter a fundamentally good stock & most importantly when to book profit rather than buying any stock at the wrong price or wrong time.

Anand Vasant

The companies offered in Top 100 Superstars seems to be the best companies. I have never found all the details before at one place. Now before investing in a stock, I am able to check whether it is the right stock or not. With this, I can make a strong and immediate decision for my investments now.

Anup Chaudhari
Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Watch Capt. A M Ajinkya's review of MoneyWorks4me.com on Stock Shastra 1st Anniversary

Customer Experience
Watch Kaustubh Phanse -
A paid subscriber review of MoneyWorks4me.com on Stock Shastra 1st Anniversary

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