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Partnering you to Invest Successfully and Reach your Goals

Partner with our Investment Adviser to Create and Successfully Implement a personalized financial plan & investment strategy to achieve Financial Freedom

Sab Kuchh…in one place
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Suitable for

Most Suitable For You When:

  • You want collaborative decision making on a significant surplus (more than 25 lacs)
  • You have limited time being a Business owner, Doctor, Senior Manager, Self-employed Professional, etc
  • You want customized investment advice that you can act with conviction

A Plan and a Portfolio built and managed with you, for you, every step of the way


We start with Personalized Planning:

Our Advisor works with you to create a financial plan that reflects what’s important for you and your current financials. You discuss and agree on what asset allocation is right for you.

We equip you to get the best from us:

We help you learn the way of investing that will work for you and to use the MoneyWorks4ME Platform to make informed decisions. This ensures effective collaboration between us.
Stay on Track

We work together to build your Multi-asset Portfolio

Together we review your current portfolio, make it future-ready and you invest in current opportunities as per your asset allocation. Omega recommends buy and sell opportunities relevant to your portfolio as they arise.

We ensure you navigate through cycles and events successfully

Your Investment Advisor has full access to all our resources to guide you through economic and market events and cycles as well changes in your life situations.

You benefit more from personalized advice

Personalized advice

You benefit more from personalized advice

Your advisor takes time to understand your needs and finances, now and in the future, to ensure your investing serves you better and you derive the highest benefit from MoneyWorks4me knowledge, expertise and assets to reach your goals.

With access to the MoneyWorks4me System you make informed decisions…always

With access to the MoneyWorks4me System you make informed decisions…always

You are fully equipped with knowledge, information, our insights, tools and recommendations through our Platform to make informed decisions in real time and collaborate effectively with our Investment Advisor.

Make Informed Decisions

Our Collaborative Approach ensures you get good results now and even better results in the future

Our Collaborative Approach

Our Collaborative Approach ensures you get good results now and even better results in the future

Our collaborative approach helps builds your understanding and conviction in the investing decisions and in the way of investing. You make even larger investments and stay invested to enjoy the benefits of long-term compounding.

You become a more savvy investor making the collaboration more effective and thus delivers even better results.

You get the best 'Tech X Human' solution

You get the best 'Tech X Human' solution

You get the multiplier effect of Technology and Human Intelligence working synergistically for you. You get better, customised recommendations, are better informed, have transparency and can handle volatility far better.

Resulting in you being fully invested and staying invested, allowing your money to compound at a healthy-high rate till your reach your goals.

Multiplier effect of technology

Build and Manage a Multi-asset
Portfolio Successfully

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the most important investment decision since it ensures the right emphasis is put on earning returns across market cycles and the security needs of an investor.

Stocks Portfolio
Stocks Portfolio

Build with Quality at Reasonable Price Process from 200+ best stocks.

Mutual Funds Portfolio
Mutual Funds Portfolio

Diversify across Process - Best Momentum, Value, Quality and Small cap funds with an inflation-beating Upside Potential.

Debt & Gold
Debt & Gold

Add safe assets based on asset allocation to manage volatility in equity and hedge against unexpected ways.


Assets Under Advice Fees for 1 Year Fees for 3 Year
25 Lakhs to 1 Cr 1.40% 2.40%
1 Cr to 2.5 Cr 1.15% 2.10%
2.5 Cr and above 1.00% 1.80%
Fees Incl of GST
Also get the physical book "How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana". How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana - A book by Raymond moses
Assets Under Advice Fees for 1 Year Fees for 3 Year
25 Lakhs to 1 Cr 0.80% 1.60%
1 Cr to 2.5 Cr 0.75% 1.50%
2.5 Cr and above 0.65% 1.30%
Fees Incl of GST
Also get the physical book "How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana". How the Heck to Invest and Reach Nirvana - A book by Raymond moses

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What you get?

Everything to Invest Successfully

  • 1
    Know your Risk taking ability & Willingness to take risk
  • 2
    Know how much to allocate to Equity, Debt and Gold
  • 3
    Know what Investment Strategy will suit you
  • 1
    Your personal financial plan
  • 2
    Monthly investment required
  • 3
    Allocate current lumpsum saving to goals
  • 4
    Allocate to Debt & Equity
  • 5
    Make changes with ease
  • 1
    Total and asset class-wise performance. See-through Stock Portfolio
  • 2
    See stock, equity mutual funds, debt and gold portfolios separately
  • 3
    Know which risk are present in your portfolio and manage it better
  • 4
    To keep only the necessary stocks in your portfolio
  • 5
    To know total and days gain, total realised, unrealised gain/loss
  • 1
    Over 10 years, colour-coded to understand company performance
  • 2
    For a complete overview of the company
  • 3
    Key quarterly results-latest
  • 4
    Price Calculator, Price chart with MRP, DP lines, key ratios
  • 5
    For taking informed decisions and investing sensibly
  • 1
    Your Personal Financial Plan
  • 2
    Your Risk Profile and Model Asset Allocation
  • 3
    Using the MoneyWorks4Me Platform
  • 4
    Know-how of how to invest in stocks and mutual funds
  • 5
    Build and Manage your Multi-asset Portfolio
  • 6
    Manage yourself better for success in investing

Everything else to make informed decisions

  • Superstars 200 Multicap for AUA above 75 lacs
  • Superstars 100 Multicap for AUA 75 to 50 lacs
  • Core 50 Superstars for AUA 50 to 25 lacs
  • All stocks and mutual funds recommended
  • 1
    What The Heck is Financial Freedom in my case, exactly?
  • 2
    How the Heck do I get to Financial Freedom?
  • 3
    How the Heck do I Invest in Equity?
  • 4
    How the Heck do I ensure I reach Financial Freedom come what may?
  • 5
    How the Heck to really enjoy this Journey to Financial Freedom and Nirvana?

Company Performance on key parameters over 10 years

Assess Management

Check important latest numbers

Calculator & Charts that help access right price

Stay updated after every quarterly result

Understand new stocks covered better

When we find a new worth covering stocks under our coverage, we introduce the same under our research and track it for you.

Be updated on Impactful events

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An investment advisor offers you advice regarding investing your money and helps you manage it to meet your financial goals. Investment advisors are fiduciary i.e. always act in your best interest. They cannot earn any commissions, brokerage, etc, from your investments but can charge you fees. This ensures they do not have any conflict of interest.

Investment advisors understand your financial needs and risk-taking ability to recommend how much you should invest in different asset classes like equity, debt, gold etc-asset allocation. Depending on their expertise, they guide you to make specific investments e.g. stocks, mutual funds, debt funds, etc. They also handhold you through the ups and downs of the market to ensure you stay invested in the right assets and meet your financial goals.

Everyone needs some investment advice. However, investment advisory services come at a cost and hence are recommended for investors who have a sizable investment amount (say >20 lacs) and want to grow it at a rate higher than FD/inflation. This requires them to make investments in asset classes like equity which can earn substantially higher returns but comes with higher risks.

Such investors can benefit from the services of an investment advisor who can help minimise mistakes and avail of opportunities to earn higher returns by managing risks at a level that ensures you stay invested.

The risk profile of an individual indicates their ability and willingness to take risks. The purpose of risk profiling is to ensure a suitable asset allocation that helps the investor stay invested by managing the risk at a level that does not cause them to panic and exit in the event of a market correction.

An investor's ability to take risk depends on his/her income, expenses, age, responsibilities, total net worth, etc. Their willingness to take risks is determined by their temperament, how much risk or loss they are able to handle beyond which they are likely to take irrational decisions out of fear or inability to handle the pain and discomfort.

You can find out your risk profile here.

Asset allocation refers to the process whereby you divide your investable surplus among various types of investments such as stocks, mutual funds, debt funds, gold etc., in specific proportions that are in line with your risk profile, future financial goals, and current financial situation. Ideally, asset allocation should be done in a way that helps you meet your goals with a good balance between earning high returns while managing risks at an acceptable level as indicated by your risk profile.

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