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How is MoneyWorks4me different than other Players?

How is MW4me different than others

How is Moneyworks4me different than others-is a question that we need to answer to your satisfaction and you need to accept and appreciate to take things forward. So, we invite you to keep an open mind, leave aside any poor experiences you may have had in your investing journey, and also any self-doubt you may have about whether you can invest successfully.

So here is our answer to the question how is MoneyWorks4me different than others?

We are a company that has been around for more than 12 years and our focus has been to provide a solution that will ensure retail investors successfully invest their money.

The quality of your life is strongly dependent on how well you meet your responsibilities and fulfill your dreams; and for many if not most, investing successfully to earn returns well above the inflation rate is necessary not just important. It is so important that it should not be limited by one’s capabilities (DIY-Do-it-Yourself way of investing) nor left to experts (DIFM: Do-it-for-me way of investing). Then what is the solution?

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Whether it’s our health or wealth we want experts in the domain to discuss matters with us in-depth before we agree on things. We do our homework and seek clarity on important matters. We want the rationale behind experts’ decisions and recommendations made transparent to us. Even doctors agree that when patients and their families are enrolled in the solution, results are far superior. The same is true for success in investing-investor conviction in the investment is critical for success.

This requires experts to have a mindset that simplifies complex issues and invites sharing. However, without a system that makes it easy for both experts and clients to work together this is not sustainable, nor cost and time-effective. So, we have built a system that makes this possible.

MoneyWorks4me enables any individual to collaborate with our experts easily, effectively, and efficiently to invest successfully to reach goals. It is a DIWM: Do-it-with-me way of investing. MoneyWorks4me offers a complete, integrated system solution that brings together the knowledge, information, proven processes, powerful tools, and expert guidance required to take wise investment decisions collaboratively while you retain control over your investments.



Through the MoneyWorks4me 3P System- Process, Platform, and People – a highly integrated and easy-to-use system.

1. MoneyWorks4me Process:


MoneyWorks4me Process answers how investment-related decisions are taken. The essence of the Moneyworks4me Process to invest in equity is to build the portfolio with a strong foundation through a portfolio of ‘Core Stocks’ and enhancing returns through a portfolio of ‘Booster Stocks”. The Direct Stock portfolio is built through Quality and Growth at a Reasonable Price way of investing and with Core-SIP and Theme-based investing when suitable. The Direct stock portfolio is complemented by using Factor-based investing in Mutual and Index Funds. The Process shared with you includes answers to why is a stock or mutual fund is considered investment-worthy, the basis on which the price of the stock or mutual fund is considered attractive for investment or for selling it fully or partially, and whether the time is ripe for taking action or waiting and why. You can say that you are investing successfully when you are assured of reaching your financial goals. The Moneyworks4me Process, therefore, includes Financial Planning, understanding your Risk Profile, and Core Asset Allocation before proceeding to build and managing your Portfolio.

2. MoneyWorks4me Platform:


MoneyWorks4me Platform provides the knowledge, information, insights, and tools to take decisions and actions aligned to the Moneyworks4me Process. The Platform is designed to give you transparent access to our expertise and guidance in real-time. This builds your confidence and conviction in the Process and our advice and to take action.

3. MoneyWorks4me People:


MoneyWorks4me People ensures you access to a team of experts who are there when you need them most. Team Moneyworks4me has mastery and conviction in the Moneyworks4me Process and Platform and as this is also shared transparently with you it ensures you have value-adding interactions.

The MoneyWorks4me 3P System is a complete solution. You can invest confidently in any environment, create and update your financial plan and build and manage your portfolio to stay invested while earning healthy inflation-beating returns to reach your goals. It also makes it possible to exploit opportunities that the market offers from time to time as it goes through its cycles of ups and downs.

If you are looking for a fiduciary investment advisor with whom you can collaborate to invest successfully to reach goals without losing sleep; MoneyWorks4me is right for you and probably the only solution available currently.

A quick guide to understanding DIY and DIFM solutions and how the Moneyworks4me is different

DIY: Do-it-Yourself solution is where investors take decisions and actions usually with free or paid data, research, tools, etc from multiple service providers. The investing Process, decision-making criteria to buy, sell, etc are all decided by the investor. The investor is solely responsible for the performance of his portfolio.

DIFM: Do-it-for-me solutions are where Decision making and control are in the hands of the service provider eg PMS, Mutual Funds, Model Portfolios, Algorithms, and the only decision investors make is in choosing the service provider. The service provider gives ‘factsheet’ data which is useful in selecting the service and in updating how the portfolio is doing. The service provider is solely responsible for the performance of the portfolio. In some arrangements, investors are required to execute the recommendations as is and there is no commitment by the service provider to explain ‘things’ that are DIFM solutions.

In contrast to the above, the MoneyWorks4me solution is a DIWM: Do-it-with-me, collaborative solution. The control and the final decision taking are in your hands (unlike DIFM solutions) and our role and responsibility are to ensure you have the confidence and conviction to invest as per the Process. Unlike the DIY solution we provide you with the investing process; the decision-making process along with the complete system required which includes our Platform and People to implement it. Thus, you and we are jointly responsible for success.

Investing successfully to reach your goals:

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