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Portfolio Advisory Services – How is MoneyWorks4me different than other Players?


A lot of people ask how is MoneyWorks4me Portfolio Advisory Services different than other players. And the unstated question is how do I know if it is right for me?

To be able to appreciate the differences and also know if it is right for you, you need to understand the services/models of the different players in the industry.

What are the different types of ‘Advisory’ services available to Investors:

Below we describe briefly the different business models operating in the market with some examples.

  1. Transaction Only: This is a pure Discount Broker model like Zerodha which offers a platform to buy and sell stocks, mutual funds, etc.
    It sells only Direct Plans MFs i.e. it does not earn any commissions & trail incomes from AMCs. They earn broking charges on stocks and charge a small fee for MFs.
    Revenues and their profits depend on the volume of transactions.
  2. Research Providers (like ValueResearch and MorningStar): They provide research, but no advisory. MorningStar does the valuation of a few Indian stocks.
    ValueResearch has recently started its Direct stock section, however, we do not know what they offer
  3. Traditional Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs) including Regular Brokers and Banks who sell Mutual Funds. They help Retail Investors select the Mutual Funds and also transact.
    Their role is to explain the product as any seller needs to do. However, they are not supposed/required to provide investment advice.
    They earn distributor commissions from the AMCs and providing advice would be a conflict of interest. However, many or most do. And, the basis of their recommendations is largely past returns and type of fund.
    Most good MFDs provide personal service to investors and are available to help when called upon.
  4. Tech-MF Sellers with some advice (like Sripbox and FundsIndia): These players are similar to the traditional MFDs, in terms of what they provide.
    However, they use technology/algorithms to recommend a set of Mutual Funds based on Investor Profile, their investment horizon, and age.
    Since the basis of their recommendations is not visible to investors, it is what we can call ‘Blackbox recommendations’.
    They sell Regular Plans, and hence, earn commissions from AMCs just like the traditional MFDs.
  5. Fiduciary Advisors include Robo-advisors on Mutual Funds (like Investza and OroWealth which sell only Direct Plans) and Independent Personal Advisors (SEBI registered IA).
    They are also following Blackbox recommendation model, and hence, do not make their research/recommendations visible and transparent to investors. They charge fees to their customers.
  6. Portfolio Management Services (PMS): They provide complete portfolio management services based on research. They are fiduciary and have their own research.
    However, they too follow largely a Blackbox recommendation They recommend a portfolio when you subscribe to their services and then rebalance, restructure when required without making any of this visible to investors.
    Most PMS is sold through Channel Partners, and hence, there is little engagement with the Research team. Charges are usually a minimum of 2% fixed and profit-sharing, which is very high.

How do you know which investment service model suits you: 

Transactions only and Research Providers models are suitable for investors who want to and feel comfortable about doing investing by themselves – a DIY or Do-it-Yourself customer.

They are comfortable about taking responsibility for their investing decisions. They tend to learn from mistakes and if they do so systematically become more savvy investors.

However, they also invest a fair amount of their time doing this The other 4 models are suitable for investors who prefer to have someone do the needful for them, i.e DIFM or Do-it-For-Me investors.

They do not get involved in the process of investing for a variety of reasons. They limit themselves to choosing the service provider, reviewing how their portfolio is performing, and either continuing or changing the service provider. In doing so, some learn a little bit more about investing than others.

However, seldom do they become savvy investors. If they have a large amount to invest they tend to use more than one service provider However, many investors want a different solution because they do not fit the DIY or the DIFM profile.

They are DIWM, Do-it-With-Me customers. DIWM investors are not comfortable with the high level of involvement and responsibility that comes with being a DIY investor.

However, they are equally uncomfortable about leaving it all to others, even experts, and having so little control over their investments.

They want more involvement and more control than DIFM investors and are willing to put in more time managing their investments. However, they also do not want to do the research and analysis that DIY customers are willing to do.

They want well-processed information, easy-to-use tools, a framework and a process that makes decision-making systematic and predictable.

They want to talk to Analysts and read or see engaging content to become better investors.

In short, they want more a more collaborative relationship with their Investment Advisor. If this description fits you, then you are a DIWM Investor, and none of the existing solutions will satisfy you!


MoneyWorks4me Portfolio Advisory solution is called Omega. It is the first technology-assisted, fiduciary, transparent, multi-asset class Portfolio Advisory solution.

It is designed for   DIWM investors who want the Client-Advisor relationship to be more collaborative.

And, how does MoneyWorks4me Omega serve customers differently

Investing requires answering the 3 essential questions:

  1. Which is the right stock/Mutual Fund to invest in?
  2. What is the right price/time to invest in it?
  3. How much of each stock/ Mutual Fund should you own?

Moneyworks4me has a framework, process, processed data and tools for answering these 3 questions. It is grounded in research and valuation of Indian stocks.

That’s how we started in 2008, a solution for DIY stock investors (Candid confession: We thought we could expand the size of DIY investors in India with our solution).

We expanded this to build the platform for Mutual Funds (essentially, Mutual Funds are nothing but a portfolio of stocks).

However, unlike other Advisors/Platforms that use past performance for making a recommendation, we use portfolio holdings to determine reasons for a Fund’s past performance, the risk it is carrying, its ability to repeat good performance, and its future Upside Potential based on upside potential of the stocks it holds in its portfolio.

After all, we can’t drive a car looking at the rearview mirror; we have to learn to look forward. We have built the entire site to ensure subscribers can get the answers with ease.

Since our customers and Moneyworks4me Advisors and Analyst use the same system, they can literally be on the same page and talk to each other.

It’s easy for investors to understand MoneyWorks4me ‘what’ & ‘why’ of recommendations.  Similarly, the MoneyWorks4me Portfolio Manager gives amazing insights into the portfolio.

You know real-time the risks you are carrying and with a little bit of practice, an investor can take control of his investments with confidence.

Moneyworks4me Omega recommendations are highly customized

Markets will be volatile and an investor subscribes to our services at different times and many times with an existing portfolio.

Moneworks4me uses technology to customize recommendations based on Investor Risk Profile, existing portfolio, preferred Mutual Funds to Stocks ratio, and the market level.

We continuously monitor each portfolio and release investment actions based on opportunities available. Success in investing is usually a result of doing the contrarian, different than the market.

This is where we use technology to our advantage. Moneyworks4me Smart Asset allocation makes this possible.

Moneyworks4me is organized to handhold you

Last but not the least; we are Advisors who are available for conversations related to investments and performance.

While the importance of research is recognized by investors, the role of communication and advisory in investing is underrated.

When markets turn volatile or undergo correction, many investors sell out their Mutual Funds and stocks due to the emotional pain of staring at losses.

The conviction one requires can be gained through Advisors who will draw one’s attention to relevant data on the site and more.

Also, corrections are the time to add more funds inequities, but often it’s hard to do psychologically.

The higher involvement of DIWM investors, the use of research and communication from us ensures a very high chance of Doing the Right Thing!

moneyworks4me vs others

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