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Don’t make money the way you lost it in Stock Market

In this blog, we are going to talk about one mistake often committed by investors and how this mistake is further compounded over time. As investors, we must be interested in just returns, be it from some popular or from an unpopular company. The averaging down strategy should be limited only for...

The complete guide to Nifty 50 for Indian investors

Nifty 50 is the benchmark index of the National Stock Exchange, which includes 50 actively traded companies as a part of the Nifty’s composition. Read on to know Nifty’s history, to understand what Nifty is, or how to invest in Nifty or the significance of the Nifty movements, and how stock...

Building a Portfolio with Core and Booster Stocks

Portfolio construction is as important as selecting the right stocks. Picking right stocks just half the battle, the other half is how to allocate. Few choose to construct a portfolio for a lot of aggression and get scared of volatility, while others might hold moderate return large cap stocks...

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