Investment Shastra

Investing in Equity for Beginners and Small Investors

How should a beginner or a small investor invest in equity? The answer widely available and promoted widely is ‘SIP karo’-invest in mutual funds through SIP. Even if you have some lumpsum to invest chances are...

Achieving Financial Freedom: A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing your Money

Some of us have reached a point in our life where we are earning a steady, reasonably large income. Our savings have started growing at a steady pace. This is a point when most of us ask “What should I do with...

The Complete Guide To Investing in the Times of COVID-19

Introduction: Thanks to an intricately integrated world, something as small as a microbe originating in one province of China has the power to engulf everything from the economy to the lives of people and...


How to Prepare

Make a Financial Plan