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How to Profit from Boring Stocks A Proven Method for Long-Term Portfolio Growth

How to Profit from Boring Stocks: A Proven Method for Long-Term Portfolio Growth

If you are looking for a way to grow your wealth in the stock market, you might be tempted by the flashy headlines and the hype of the latest hot stocks. You might think that investing in these stocks will make you rich quickly and easily. But you would be wrong.

The truth is that most of these hot stocks are overvalued, volatile, and risky. They might give you a short-term thrill, but they will also give you a long-term headache. They are not suitable for long-term investors who want to achieve their financial goals with peace of mind.

So what is the alternative? How can you invest successfully and reach your goals without taking unnecessary risks? The answer is simple and it’s contrary to what you’d expect: invest in boring stocks.

What are boring stocks?

Boring stocks are stocks of companies that are predictable and hence boring. They have strong fundamentals, steady growth, and competitive advantages that enable them to deliver good stable results despite ups and downs. So, they seldom scare the market with unexpectedly poor results. But they also seldom surprise the market with significantly better-than-expected results either. In short, they stay close to what most people in the market predict and they deliver on it routinely. The media reports on them are also, boring most of the time.

Well, if predictable makes them boring, it is great for long-term investors. They want results and consistent compounding because they know the market will reward them for their profitable growth. They may seldom get rerated, but who cares as long as they don’t get derated, their EPS will grow and so will their market price.

Now, these stocks are not very popular among retail investors who are busy chasing mid and small cap stocks. They are not fancied by the celebrity stock gurus; nobody can become a celebrity piling up these boring stocks. But you can and will become rich in the long run if you invest in these stocks, especially at a reasonable price, and hold on to them for a long. They can make you rich, without you losing any sleep over them.  

The only guys in town keeping a close watch on them and investing in them at every opportunity or even half an opportunity are Fund Managers and FII. But most high-profile people think of them as boring, with tons of money and no imagination about where to put it. These boring stocks form the bedrock on which the Indian Mutual Fund industry has been built, survives, and thrives. And ask any veteran MF investor and you will see a happy person thanks to these boring stocks.

The biggest irony is that retail stock investors most of whom have low and limited stock-investing competence ignore these boring stocks and chase mid, small, and momentum stocks; while the expert Fund Managers will give up everything to buy them if they are attractively priced even reasonably priced. And a very large number of people are willing to pay high fees to buy funds half of which are made up of these very boring stocks.

In a sane world, it would be the other way round. Retail investors would directly invest in these predictably boring stocks and buy mutual funds of mid, small, and themes which are more difficult to invest in.

Why should you invest in these boring stocks directly?

To summarize, the main reasons why you should invest in these boring stocks are:

They are stable. This means that they have predictable earnings and cash flows. They also have low debt and high profitability. This gives you a lower risk of loss and a higher chance of success.

They are profitable. This means that they have high returns on equity and capital employed. They may also have high dividend yields and payout ratios since they make more money than they can invest safely.

They are resilient. This means that they can withstand economic and market downturns better than hot stocks. They also have loyal customers and suppliers, strong brands and moats, and diversified businesses. This gives you peace of mind.

They keep compounding at a healthy rate and building a corpus that will enable you to meet your financial goals. They will make the biggest contribution to it with the least effort on your side.

How can you find these boring stocks?

Finding boring stocks is not difficult if you know where to look and what to look for. Here are some tips:

  • Look for boring sectors and industries. These are the sectors and industries that provide essential goods and services, such as utilities, consumer staples, insurance and banks, and other non-glamorous goods and services like cement, paints, building materials, etc. They are unlikely to.
  • Look for boring companies. These are the companies that have been in business for a long time, have proven track records, have dominant market positions, have loyal customer bases, have strong competitive advantages, etc. But none of them will allow you to boast about having invested in them.

The challenge is investing in them at reasonable prices. Very often these boring stocks are expensive simply because those who own it are in no hurry to sell. However, quite often some of them come at attractive prices maybe due to company-specific challenges or overall market sentiments. But for that you need to be anchored in their fair value and not distracted by the current market trends. One of the best ways to invest in these boring stocks is to use MoneyWorks4Me Core Superstar Solution. This solution helps you track the best and most resilient stocks in key sectors and invest in them at attractive prices based on research.

Moneyworks4me has been focused on for more than 14 years, since its inception, and providing subscribers with valuation and research guidance to invest in them successfully. Much of the 18% CAGR performance for the last 8+ years has been thanks to these stocks.MoneyWorks4Me Core Superstar is based on the Quality-at-Reasonable-Price way of investing, which is the best way to make the magic of compounding work wonders for you.

Now Core Superstars solution comes with all the Alpha Stock features and tools like Screener and AlphaCases which uses intelligent data-driven analysis to identify the best investment opportunities from over 3500 stocks. This can enable you to make informed stock investing decisions.

So what are you waiting for Subscribe to MoneyWorks4Me Core Superstars and experience the difference?

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