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Wise Quotes for Investing

Wise quotes for investing in stocks.

Everywhere around me people seem to be let down by the market. They are desperate to recover from their financial losses. Since I have just started my career I would like to adopt a couple of quotes to serve as guides for my future investments. While browsing around I came across a number of quotes which seemed apt for the current scenario the market is in.

Peter Lynch, the legendary stock picker, thinks that stock bargains are plentiful now. He quotes “You feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony, we’ve had 11 recessions since World War II and we’ve had a perfect score – 11 recoveries.”

This quote tells me that this is one of the best times to buy in the market. For a new investor like me it is indeed an opportunity to be cashed upon to make some great long term investments. Of course having stocks available at cheap rates can be quite a temptation to get carried away which is why I feel there are certain quotes which apply specifically for me.

As Victor Sperandeo famously known as Wall Street‘s “Trader Vic” has rightly said “The key to trading success is emotional discipline. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading.”

So keeping this expert advice in mind I feel I need to look at quotes which could form a base for my stock investing decisions. With so many companies to choose from the crucial decision in stock investing comes from selecting the right company.


As Warren Buffet has rightly quoted above we must really own a company which is worth owning forever. It is kind of like “Investing with sons-in-law”.
Invest only with people you like, trust and admire – people you’d be happy to have your daughter marry.

The right way to go about this is to look for companies which have a big moat. Businesses which have favorable long term prospects, and whose earnings are virtually certain to be materially higher 5, 10, 20 years from now must be analyzed. “If a business does well the stock eventually follows.”

Once I manage to identify the company I would like to have a stake in the next suitable quote which should be a part of every single decision I take is “Buy when there’s blood in the streets – sell to the sound of trumpets” – a nice variation of buy low, sell high. If I manage to stick to these few quotes I am sure I will always stay financially healthy.

Most importantly “Keep a Sense of Humor”


You’ll definitely need it.

We enter markets to make money which we use for our fulfillment. The entire process should be delightful and not just the final outcome.

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