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What will Omega do?

Build and manage your portfolio with 4 asset classes...with you

Direct Stocks

Within equity Omega is programmed to give preference to direct investment in fundamentally sound stocks when available at an attractive discount from its MRP. With Omega you get the best opportunities from our entire coverage.

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How it works

Mutual Funds

From over 500 equity MFs only kuch hi sahi hai. But every year the list is different. Investing based on reported past performance is grossly inadequate. With Omega you have a better way based on evaluation of the underlying stocks

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Index Funds

Savvy investors value consistent market returns more than occasional over performance. And performance to them means risk-adjusted returns. We recommend Index Funds when it makes more sense based on our valuations of the underlying companies

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Debt Fund

When markets gets expensive its prudent to reduce exposure to equity. But nobody advises retail investors to rebalance their portfolio in favour of debt funds. Omega balances the risk in the portfolio by investing in a Liquid Fund-the safest debt fund

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How does Omega work?

Partners you at every stage

Portfolio Alignment

Omega first analyses your current portfolio and recommends the actions you need to take to align it to the fundamental principles of investing . You can discuss this with our advisors and decide on what is best managed through Omega.

Smart Asset Allocation

Omega makes and rebalances asset allocation based on your actual risk profile and the market level. This ensures your money is smartly allocated across the asset classes.

Rebalance & Reshuffle Portfolio

When the market moves significantly you need to rebalance the asset allocation. Also asset prices change. Omega has access to all the data and expertise available within MoneyWorks4me. She compares risk-adjusted returns across assets and recommends the best at every stage.

Risk Management

You control all final decisions. You can alter/ignore some recommendations. Omega will then make fresh ones, show alternatives and highlight possible risk.

Expert Help

We are transferring more and more of our collective intelligence to Omega and onto our site so that you get more online. However, we understand that some of you would like to talk to an expert.

How to get started?

Well begun is half done!

Register & Check Portfolio Alignment

Register and talk to our advisor to get access. Omega will recommend the actions you need to take to align your portfolio for success. If required you can discuss with our advisors and agree on what is best managed through Omega.
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Subscribe & complete Risk Profiling

Subscribe by paying the fees (after adjustment) indicated by our advisor. Do a world-class risk profiling online, FinaMetrica, the first time you login this determines your asset allocation plan.

Use Omega:
Method 1

With a Zerodha account(India's largest discount brokers). This is simplest to use as it allows easy order execution and updating of your portfolio thanks to the APIs provided by them.

Use Omega :
Method 2

Upload your portfolio through a CSV file and then execute the recommendations with your current broking account.

We are a zero-conflict of interest advisory. We do not earn any brokerages, commissions etc. from your investments. You can be 100% sure that our advice is based solely on how it will benefit you. We will be able to add more brokers once they provide APIs.
SEBI Registration No. INH000000719

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What Customers Say

Our Mission

Make stock investing Safe and Simple For retail Investors

Raymond Moses
IIT Kanpur
Sreeram Thiagarajan
REC Trichy, IIM Ahmedabad

We never planned getting into this. Since 2000, we run a Business Consulting and Training company out of Pune. Thanks to a very bad experience of investing in MF and ULIPs using the services of an MNC bank in 2008, we decided on our mission to make stock investing safe and simple for people like us

It turned out to be more difficult than we imagined. Simple was not simple enough and making stock investing safe was like grappling with the ultimate paradox. The markets went from deep despair to irrational exuberance in the last eight years. We couldn’t have hoped for a better opportunity to test our models. From Nov 2011 we put up our valuations transparently on our website for our subscribers to see, judge and take better decisions. We are indebted to them for staying with us.

Now with the improved features and the launch of the mobile app, we can truly say we have made stock investing Safe and Simple.

Market Sense

Sensex is now Overvalued

Sensex@MRP helps us identify whether the market is grossly depressed or irrationally exuberant. For Dec’16, considering the free float market capitalization at the MRP of individual stocks and the share price data as of 28 February, 2017, the Sensex@MRP value is at 28752. On 28 February, 2017, the Sensex closed at 28743, which is about 0.03% or 9 points below Sensex@MRP.