Part 1: Empty your Cup or Why the heck most people are terrible at Investing? And how to put an end to it

1.2 Are You Addicted to Picking Winners?

The most frequently asked question in investing is, Which stock should I buy? And the desire to be told the answer is the single biggest reason why people fail to enjoy success in investing. Why is it so, and what is the right question to ask?  
Whenever someone starts investing, the first thing they want to know is what should they buy now.
Investors with varying amounts of experience also ask the same question, usually when they get the opportunity to ask a seasoned, successful investor. And media interviewers keep asking this on behalf of their viewers. Sometimes, to look very smart or trick their guest into answering the question, interviewers start with, “Now that such and such thing has happened or will happen, what do you recommend our viewers invest in?”
Why the preoccupation with this question? Do people expect an answer that will ensure success?
In my 2021 webinars, I asked if people...........Read More

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