Part 2: Perspective or How to think about investing in a way that ensures success?

2.6 Why MoneyWorks4me should be your Process + System for investing?

I know this looks like an out-and-out hard-sell of Moneyworks4me. If you knew what I know about Moneyworks4me you would do the same. I am a hard man to please; ask anyone who has worked with me. I am constantly improving the things I create. And this one has taken 14 years to create and bring it to a level that I am unapologetic about promoting it in my own book. 
While many investing processes have been around for long, a transparent ‘system’ that would enable its implementation was not publicly available in 2007-08. So, I decided to build one. 
We hired a team that included fresh-from-college Equity Analysts and got serious about learning and doing things from first principles. Sure, we made mistakes along the way but I can tell you now, the team and I learnt one hell of a lot about investing and stock investing in particular. 
I can honestly say I began at the level of a beginner when I took responsibility for my investing and few years down the line became what I like to call a Sensible Investor, a Systematic Investor who takes informed investing decisions. 
How is it possible? Most industry players then and even now advocate the view that leave the investing decisions to an expert. But everything that experts did in the past is being done by individuals. It requires tools and technology powerful but simple to use so that individuals can get results similar if not better than experts. 
A person driving a car needs to understand how a...........Read More

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