Part 2: Perspective or How to think about investing in a way that ensures success?

2.8 What are you more likely to accomplish, Investing Successfully or Nirvana?

When I told my wife about why investing and growing your money was essential to experiencing freedom, she said “Yes even Sri M says that if you think money does not matter, you are wrong. Even Ashrams need money to run. But……” I stopped listening because it felt good. Good that I have the tacit endorsement from Sri M and thankfully many spiritual masters actually and also a qualified endorsement from my wife that I am doing something useful.  
I know what she wanted to say after the but; something that is also in the minds of many people (yes, she is a math person and teacher at that and most of us are ‘yes…but’ people).  That money is necessary but not sufficient for happiness and freedom.  Agreed that having the finances sorted out does not automatically lead to experiencing Freedom. But it does take a shitload of anxiety and worry out of our lives. And...........Read More

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