Part 2: Perspective or How to think about investing in a way that ensures success?

2.7 Map for the 5-Step Journey to Financial Freedom

How do you reach your destination of Financial Freedom? It starts from knowing where you are today and what does the destination-financial freedom actually mean in your case. But how can you ensure you reach it, in the face of all the uncertainty that the future is bound to throw up? How do business owners and leaders do the same for their companies? Can we use the same or similar structure of their maps?
Everybody from an impatient CEO and an impatient child wants answers fasts. The quick answer to “What exactly will I need to do to Invest Successfully and Reach Nirvana?”  is whatever it takes to ensure enough money is available for meeting all your goals; that failure is not an option; nor is robbing a bank. You must be wondering how can you take this kind of responsibility for the end results where you don’t have any control over what returns you earn and the market is unpredictable, to put it mildly. 
This is exactly the situation every sales person, every project manager, every business leader finds himself in. How can they be responsible for delivering targets, in-full-on-time, when they don’t control so many things and many things are very iffy. But, good and great businesses and managers, leaders do this and consistently. How?  
Answering this has been my quest for almost my entire working life. The answer, I have found that is brilliant is given by Kaplan and Norton in their book The Strategy-Focused Organization. To put it simply, to succeed an organization does things at 4 levels to achieve their...........Read More

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