This book took a long time, almost my entire adult life, in the making. It took surprisingly less time getting written – 3 months for the first draft and another 3 for multiple edits. It was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It certainly would not have happened without help, tons of it. So, here are the most important people whom I must thank and acknowledge as people who made this happen. 
Family First. I have been blessed and challenged by a family of people with amazingly strong internal frames of reference. Thank God for that. My wife Sinorra and sons Jethro and Barlev, without whom I wouldn’t have been able to pursue and persevere doing the work I love with so much fun and dedication, for so long. Their faith in me, inspires me to continue come what may. My friend, partner and co-creator, Sreeram, who is also the inspiration to write in the way I do. I think I finally got it. 
The entire thinking on how to invest and the creation of the site has been the work of Team MoneyWorks4me-present and past. Special thanks to Ketan Gujarathi, Aliya, Chaitanya Kekre, Nikhil Kale and other equity analyst, to Madhu...........Read More

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