Part 6: Learn or How the heck do I ensure I reach Financial Freedom come what may?

6.4 Learn Productive Investing Behaviour No.3

In many situations less is more effective. 
Have your ever done this as a kid or seen one do this? A kid plants a seed in a pot and starts wondering when it will sprout. It does not happen the next day, so he waters it a little bit. Again, the next day he gets up and is disappointed the seed has not sprouted. He wonders what’s happening. So, he digs up the soil to check what’s happening to the seed. Nothing much it appears. He covers it up and waters it again. This happens a few more time after which the kid loses interest in the seed and abandons it. If he has not damaged the seed or thrown it away which is not easy for kids, a few days later the first shoots appear. 

Productive Routine 3:  See your portfolio infrequently. 

Something similar to what the kid did with the seed happens to many investors. And it’s probably more detrimental because when you check a stock not that you will find a seed that is not sprouting, you will find reasons to believe that the seed is bad. 
Here are some facts. If you check a stock or say Nifty 50 index at different frequency here’s what your experience will be. 
Source: Yahoo Finance. Returns based on Nifty 50 Closing...........Read More

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