Part 4: Strategy or How the heck do I get to Financial Freedom?

4.11 What is the ONE thing you can do to reach your financial goals

A Strategy-focussed Organisation not only looks at how to succeed today but also in the future. And since the future is likely to be tougher; a great strategy helps business leaders make decisions on the next two levels that helps the company stay focussed on the most important things and get better at it in the future. 
Strategy decides what the company does at the next two levels – Process and Learning. There are innumerable things a company is required to do and resources are always limited. A Strategy-focused organisation succeeds by choosing the One Thing required to implement the chosen strategy successfully. It masters and gets its employees to execute this excellently; while doing the other necessary things at an acceptable level of performance.

What is that ONE Thing?

This brings us to the most important question, what is the ONE thing you can do to reach your financial goals that will make everything else not necessary or easier to do?
It is clear that what enables you to earn inflation-beating returns is your investments in equity. The role of your Debt investments is to provide a safe and secure house for your money which you need in the near future and hence you cannot invest in equity. You plan to earn inflation-like returns on them by investing in the safe and most secure way. That would mean FD in the most secure bank, investment in Government Bonds,...........Read More

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