Part 7: Joy or How the heck to really enjoy this Journey to Financial Freedom and Nirvana?

What you will learn in this chapter

You have covered 4 steps in the 5-Step Journey to Financial Freedom. You have set clear goals, have a sound financial plan and an excellent process and system to help you implement it to reach your goals. Then what remains is the question how can you ensure you enjoy this journey to financial freedom. 
This depends on whether you are planning to on taking a business trip or a vacation trip. Let me explain. When you make a business trip to a place pretty far from where you reside, then your business happens when you reach your destination and everything else is the journey you make. How do you make this journey? You pack your bags, reach the airport on time, carry something to read on the way, make a few calls while you are waiting to catch the flight, take some rest, eat something, review the papers for the business meeting etc etc. You know how you do it. Then finally the business meeting or whatever happens; sometimes it goes well, sometimes it does not and many a times somewhere in between. Then you make your journey back home. 
Now when you go on a vacation is there a difference? Yes, there is a big difference and that is the whole time it is a vacation. It starts immediately, in the packing of bags, the journey, the reaching of the hotel, the stay in the hotel, the sight-seeing, the eating, everything all the way back home is the vacation. You are ‘vacationing’ every minute, the journey, the destination everything is the vacation.  Many of the things like travelling, hotels, eating etc are common to both trips, but you know how different they feel…I hope. 
Now, this journey to Financial Freedom, do you want it to be a business trip or a vacation? It can be both ways, but I guess and I hope you would prefer it to be more like a vacation if that’s possible. That’s what this section is all about. 

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