Part 2: Perspective or How to think about investing in a way that ensures success?

2.5 Investing successfully requires a Process + System for Decision Making

How do you ensure you invest successfully? As a Do-it-yourself, DIY investor you need to make good investing decisions and act on it. But how do you make such decisions? What is required to do so? Many things. But what is necessary and sufficient to do so consistently is the right question to ask and has an altogether a different answer.
Everything I have written in this book is rooted in my personal experience and feedback from our customers. I know it works because it worked for me. And more importantly, we made it work for many customers. It is my personal journey from sucking at investing to investing successfully and helping people make the same journey. 
But you know that I was lousy at investing for very long. Why did I or anyone suck at investing and for long. It’s not that you keep investing continuously and failing for many years, which would make you and me very stupid and incapable of learning from our mistakes. It’s because we invest in fits and starts, mostly fits. 
Something would trigger me and I would tell myself I have to start investing in equity and I would start. I would read up something, buy some magazines, watch the news channel, read a book. Sooner rather than later my investments would not work out, I would lose money and give up saying this is not for me, it’s all rigged or...........Read More

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