Chapter 3: Strategy or How the heck do I get to Financial Freedom?

What you will learn in this chapter (3)

Now that you know your goals a lot more clearly than before, you will want to know the answer to How the heck do I get Financial Freedom? The answer to “by Investing”. The most common next questions are “how to invest?”, “what do I invest in?” and the answer leads to how most people begin investing. But how do you know whether the answer you have got is a good one, whether it is suitable for you? Frankly, if you were competent to answer that you wouldn’t be reading this book or any book on investing. Since most people don’t invest successfully, these are probably not the best questions to try and answer at this stage. 
The question to ask is “To achieve Financial Freedom how should I be looking at Investing?  It is a question that helps you get the right perspective about Investing. Most people think about investing in ways that are counterproductive to investing successfully and you have seen this in the first section -Empty your cup. Now you need answers to what do you fill your cup with and that means developing the criteria for what you add and what you reject about the way you invest. In Business this is called Strategy and when companies define and describe this, they give their teams, their employees a way of making decisions about the business. It not answers to the thousand questions that people will be required to answer in their jobs but how to think through and arrive at what is suitable to do in the thousand situations that they are confronted with and conclude what’s right for the business. 
This section is about getting answers to how you should approach investing, look at investing. If this is still unclear, think about marriage or parenting. Every marriage and parenting situation is different and there is no way anyone can tell you how to live a married life or raise your kids successfully. What they can tell you that will be immensely valuable to you is “how to look at marriage in way that you have the highest probability of a great marriage” or “how do you approach parenting such that both you and your kids have a fantastic time when they are growing up and your kids are well on the way to living their life fully”.  
You will find invaluable insights about how you should be looking at or approach investing, you will be able to create you personal financial plan to achieve Financial Freedom in this section. 

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