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Stock Shastra 46#: Indian IT Sector: Driving the India Growth story

In the last two decades, the global face of India has undergone a significant transition. The Indian economy has witnessed an impressive growth during this period. And the one sector that has driven this transition is the IT sector. Its contribution to the GDP has increased tenfold from 0.6% to 6% currently and is still growing; its role in generating employment has also been remarkable. Thus, the IT sector has changed the lifestyle of many Indians, leading to increased income and comfort level.

With such hype surrounding this industry, it becomes imperative that investors have a good understanding of this industry. More so, when companies like Infosys and TCS, which have proven gold mines to investors, form a part of this sector.

So how does the IT sector work? What are the future prospects of the sector? Also get a glimpse of the top players in this industry and whether they are worth investing in.
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