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  • Which are the best stocks to buy today?
  • Which mutual funds to SIP in?
  • How do you build your portfolio?
  • How to ensure you don't miss good opportunities?
  • When do you sell a stock or stop an SIP?
  • Can you make a Financial Plan on your own?
  • How do you make better investing decisions?

Alpha Plus

Invest Systematically in Stocks and Mutual Funds

Financial Planning Alpha Stocks Alpha MF

Financial Planning

  • Did you know that just setting your goals can increase your chances of achieving it by 33%?
  • Most people are afraid to dream. Most compromise because they underestimate what they can achieve in the long-term. Put an end to this right away.
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Financial Planning with MoneyWorks4Me

An amazing Do-it-Yourself Tool that enables you to


Put your Financial House in order.

  • Put your financial data-income, expenses, assets and liabilities in one place.
  • The FPT builds your personalized Financial Plan based on this.
  • Know the right amount of life insurance you need.
Stay on Track

Set your Goals:

  • Get started with 3 Primary goals- Children's higher education, marriage, and your retirement.
  • Add any number of goals with estimate of current costs
  • Know how much money you need to achieve it in the future

Make a Investment Plan.

  • Deploy your current savings to goals in the most optimal way.
  • Get the minimum Total SIP in Debt and Equity required to achieve the plan and each goal
  • Edit with ease

Alpha Stocks

Invest Successfully in stocks using an Intelligent Data-driven System

You can make an informed decision based on (QVPT)
Quality (Q)
Q Very Good
Q Somewhat Good
Q Not Good
Valuation (V)
V+UnderValued (UV)
V Somewhat UV
V FairlyValued
V Somewhat OV
V+ OverValued (OV)
Price Trend (PT)
PT Strong
PT Semi-strong
PT Weak

Buy Quality Stocks when they are available at reasonable prices and supported by an upward price trend and Sell when they are Overvalued using the DeciZen Rating System. Covers 3500+ stocks

Build your portfolio from the best opportunities identified by an Intelligent System

Nifty 50
The Top 50 largest and most liquid Indian securities Click Below
Returns since
10 Apr' 22
11 Apr' 22
08 Jul' 22
*Return cal. as on 19 Apr'23
Benchmark Name : Nifty 50
Benchmark Returns : -0.70%
  1. Choose from 25 AlphaCases covering key Indices, Sectors and Themes under AlphaCases on Alpha plus solution page.
  2. Choose one of the 3 investing Strategies

Get Smart Alerts when new opportunities arise and ratings change.

Check Alpha Cases

Let the best opportunities find you on the basis of your selection criteria

  1. Choose any Universe of stocks
  2. Set your filters. Include filters on DeciZen Rating
  3. Save your Screen

Choose the best opportunities available today and get Smart Alerts when new ones arise

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Make informed investing decisions always or don't invest

Make informed decision or don't invest

Get decision-enabling information and tools, all in one page-the company 10-Year X-Ray to make better buy and hold decisions.

Alpha tells you when a stock is over-valued and the Price Trend to make better sell decisions



SIP successfully in Equity Mutual Funds

Use powerful tools to make informed decisions with amazing ease

Build a well-diversified portfolio with top-class funds

1. Select funds with different investing universes and strategies that together can deliver your expected returns while keeping risk at manageable levels

Let the best opportunities find you

2. Identify Top-class funds in any category with ease on the Moneyworks4Me Fund Screener using a unique rating system

Let the best opportunities find you

Invest in Mutual funds successfully on your own

Already investing in Mutual Funds

Take the Sher-ya-Billi's test to find out if your portfolio is well-diversified and is likely to deliver great returns or will disappoint you

Go to Fund Portfolio Analyzer

Want to start investing in Mutual Funds

Build a portfolio of Equity Funds that will grow you money consistently over years to meet you future goals

Go to Funds4me

Invest in Direct Plans through StarMF

You pay zero distribution commission.

You earn 1 to 2% higher returns than Regular Plans on a CAGR basis. That's a lot

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With Alpha MF you have the tools invest successfully on your own

Fund Rating

Take better decisions on any fund and compare with ease. See ratings on Quality of holding, Consistency of Performance, Upside Potential.

Fund Screener

Find the top-class funds with ease in any category using unique rating system.

Fund X-Ray

Build conviction. See unique decision enabling information with

  1. Decision Maker
  2. Fund Performance
  3. Portfolio Quality

Fund Portfolio Analyzer

Take the Sher-ya-Billi diagnostic test and get a report that helps you understand your fund portfolio strengths and weaknesses better

Fund Diversification

Check how different is any fund's portfolio compared to yours before making a decision to invest.


Get a portfolio of the top-class funds suitable for you based on our unique Process.


MoneyWorks4Me Alpha Plus

Goals + Plans and Intelligent Data-driven Investing

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