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The Power of 2 – for right investment decisions everytime

Choosing the right stocks to invest your savings in is always the most difficult decision for any investor. This might give you sleepless nights wondering- Is this the right company to invest in? Will this company perform in the future? Will the prices move up or go downhill from here? Will I finally get good returns or bear losses? Finding the answers to these questions and taking the right decision is the key to investing successfully.

And to help you do this, MoneyWorks4me brings to you, the Power of 2 – an experience that will help you make right stock investing decisions with unbelievable ease and speed! Let’s find out how…

For a long time now, stock markets have always been a place that has left investors at their wits end! The dilemma begins right from selecting a stock to invest in from among the thousands listed to deciding whether the hot tip received will actually work. Is it the right stock to invest in? If it is, what price should you invest at?

The two main challenges that investors face are, one finding a stock worth investing in and two, deciding whether the stocks you have shortlisted are, at present, a good buy or not.

But because of information overload from various sources, this becomes a mind-boggling task. Hence, we either decide not to invest or postpone the decision. But the worst part is when we make the wrong decision and end up losing our hard earned money.

To avoid such confusion in decision-making MoneyWorks4me brings to you the Power of 2!

What is the Power of Two?

The Power of Two is an experience that will empower you to make the right stock decisions everytime. It will change the speed and ease with which you invest in stocks, without any compromise on the precision.

MoneyWorks4me filter and Decision maker

Power 1 – Shortlist the best stocks within seconds with MoneyWorks4me Filter


The first Power – MoneyWorks4me Filter – will help you get a list of investment-worthy stocks available at, discounted prices, at the click of a mouse. All you have to do is choose the fundamental strength (Very Good, Somewhat Good or Not Good companies) and the quantum of discount that you are looking for, with respect to the MRP (intrinsic worth); and the MoneyWorks4me Filter will give a dynamic list of stocks to choose from. MoneyWorks4me Filter can give you unlimited stock ideas based on the criteria you choose.

Power 2 – Make a safe and quick decision with MoneyWorks4me Decision Maker

MoneyWorks4me Decision Maker

The Second Power – Decision-Maker – completes the process of getting the right investment decision. Now that you have found a list of stocks which are worth having a look at with the help of MoneyWorks4me filter, you can now evaluate them from the perspective of investing in them. What you now need to know is

  • Is it a fundamentally strong company
  • What the intrinsic worth of the stock is and what the ideal buy price of the stock is
  • Is it the right time to buy the stock or should you wait for a further fall.

And this is exactly what you get with the Decision-Maker. It is your one-stop feature for making the Right Investment Decision about the company of your choice. It helps you to:

  1. Get the Right Stock – by assessing the company fundamentals
  2. Get the Right Price – by finding stocks at an attractive discount
  3. Get the right timing – by combining both technical & fundamentals

 Thus, ensuring you can get maximum gains on your investments.

Using these two tools, you can a)Find a list of stocks worth investing in with the MoneyWorks4me filter and b)Decide if it’s a stock worth buying, at what price you should buy it and is it the right time to buy into the stock using the Decision Maker. All this just in a matter of a few seconds!

Both these tools viz. MoneyWorks4me Filter and Decision Maker are special tools available only to our subscribers. Now you can get access to these features along with an array of features essential for safest stock investing at much affordable price. Check out our plans.



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