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Stock Shastra presents a Blog Carnival

Theme: “How I arrived at my style of stock investing”

We have conducted a Blog Carnival to inspire and empower fellow citizens to invest in stocks directly, sensibly and with confidence. Here are a set of posts from experts, bloggers and our very own equity analysts to provide you, with an enriching experience. These posts explore how various stock investors arrived at their styles of Stock Investing. The mistakes they made, the lessons learned…

This blog carnival will educate you about the most successful styles of stock investing.

Following are the contributors to the Carnival-

Experts & Bloggers

Parag Parikh

Wonder how the expert author of the best seller ‘Value Investing and Behavioral Finance’ invests in stocks himself? Parag Parikh in an exclusive blog for Stock Shastra discusses his personal style of stock investing and how he arrived at this style. A few quotes from his blog:

  • Investing is no rocket science. It’s all about common sense
  • A long term view gave me the patience to wait for the businesses to be available at bargain prices
  • One must always be prepared for continuous learning
  • Opportunities don’t come every day. “LUCK” is preparedness for an opportunity

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Manish Chauhan

Manish Chauhan a financial expert who owns  lists the Top 5 Mistakes Stock Investors Make in the stock market. His post is a must read for people new to stock investing. The earlier you avoid making these mistakes, the better. According to him the 5 mistakes are: Fear, Greed, Emotions, Ego and Impatience. Manage them well and you can do better is what Manish Chauhan suggests.

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Ranjan Varma

Ranjan Varma is the captain of a personal finance team called the RupeeManager Team. He is on a mission to change the world! His efforts have already begun to change the way Indians manage their money.

In his blog for Stock Shastra he shares useful tips on how he allocates his investments to maximize his gains. His detailed thought process behind his style makes for an intriguing read for every stock investor.

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Ninad Kunder

Ninad Kunder, an experienced stock investor, educates readers about- Value Investing to Investing Values. His blog is an online account of his thoughts defining the investing value system. Value Investing is the foundation of his stock investing journey.

In his blog for Stock Shastra he makes an interesting comparison between women, their behavior and the manner in which we should go about stock investing. The post promises to teach you some valuable lessons in an extremely entertaining manner.

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John Christy

John Christy is a popular blogger dedicated to educating people about managing their finances efficiently. His blog is an Indian Blog on Personal Finance, wealth creation, tax, savings and web technologies.

In his blog for Stock Shastra he explains how he quit day trading and refined his investing methodologies. He provides investment strategies for IPOs, technicals as well as long term investments.

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Team- MoneyWorks4me

Raymond Moses

Raymond Moses is the co-founder of MoneyWorks4me. He is on a mission to educate Indians on how they should be investing their hard earned money to reap the most out of it. He believes that we should make our money work for ourselves by investing directly into the stock market. This  can be achieved by taking charge of our stock investments ourselves.

In his blog he relates his experience with wealth managers. He shares the valuable insights he has gained while investing through wealth managers.  He also reveals the 3 most crucial questions any investor must answer before making an investment in stocks.

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Supria Sony

Supria Sony is the Team Leader of the Equity Analyst Team at MoneyWorks4me. She is on a mission for promoting direct investment in the equity market to change the way Indians manage their savings.

In her blog for Stock Shastra she shares her knowledge on how anybody can be benefited from the equity market. Her analytical power and writing style makes her blog an interesting read for every stock investor.

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Prateeksha Sabhani

Prateeksha Sabhani, an equity analyst, made her first stock investment a year ago when she joined the MoneyWorks4me team. She strictly adheres to value investing concepts. Her mission is to explain why stock investing is the best form of investment, if done in a disciplined manner.

In her blog she shares the difference in her thoughts on stock investing before and after she started working as an equity analyst and explains why the concept of value investing enthuse her.

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  • I have heard Mr.Parekh. N I keep my mind open, a good listner when someone is
    talking. A bit lethargic because trying to do many things leaves little time to be
    active -I mean a trader- investor. Hence allows things – investments – slip. But in
    overall average annual return for last 5 years is somthing between 30/40%. Little
    investment in MFs because I feel “why someone shuld make money, mean MF's
    invewstment manager by way of his salary, perks n bonuses? I donot have time to
    watch his performance n shift from one scheme to other. Rarely puts money in
    IPOs/NFOs. Do not tey to time the market. Now that systemic setup has improved
    a lot -than what was earlier- when I want cash I just sale. T-day is sold 30Bayer crop
    science @823/- My purchase price -10 year back Rs 100/ 100×100 my investment, 10000/-
    recovered 24000/ ie 10000capital + 14000/- profit balance 70 will fetch another 56000/- .Hence I am least bothered by wild market movements. Any advise? Arthchakra