FAQ's : Tata Young Citizen Fund

Tata Young Citizen Fund has delivered CAGR and average rolling returns as follows :

1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 9 Year
CAGR(%) 20.9 24.14 14.89 11.36
Average Rolling Returns(%) 13.97 10.99 8.00 5.46

The Current NAV of Tata Young Citizen Fund is ₹48.82.

It is better to invest in a fund with a longer track record as Tata Young Citizen Fund cannot be assessed for consistency of out-performance. Funds returns likely to be fairly different than its benchmark NIFTY 50 , as Funds portfolio is somewhat different.

Tata Young Citizen Fund fund’s expense ratio is 2.60%

The process for redemption is

  • Give a request for redemption of the number of units or the amount you want. The request will be acknowledged.
  • You will get information about the redemption and the NAV at which redeemed.
  • The amount will be deposited in the designated bank account.

The AUM of Tata Young Citizen Fund is currently ₹298 Crores.

The Top three stocks are HDFC Bank, Reliance Industries and ICICI Bank and account for 17% of its portfolio. Top 5 and 10 stocks of fund account for 25% and 39% of fund’s portfolio respectively.

Top three sectors of Tata Young Citizen Fund fund are BFSI, IT and FMCG accounting for 53% of the total portfolio.

Since this is a Solution Oriented - Children's Fund it is comparatively safer to invest in this fund. However, since it has not consistently outperformed its benchmark index on an average 3-year rolling returns basis it is not the most suitable fund for SIP.

The category of Tata Young Citizen Fund Fund is Solution Oriented - Children's Fund.

Amey Sathe manages the Tata Young Citizen Fund Fund.

Tata Young Citizen Fund current PE ratio is 0.00 and PB ratio is 0.00

The asset allocation of Tata Young Citizen Fund is Stocks : 95.87%, Debt : 3.33% and Gold : 0.82%

The minimum SIP amount for Tata Young Citizen Fund is ₹500.00 and minimum lumpsum is ₹500.00

The exit load for Tata Young Citizen Fund is Compulsory Lock-in Option 5 year or till the child attains age of majority (whichever is earlier). 1% - If redeemed before child attains 18 year of age